Nashville, TN….March 30, 2022 – Page Turner, a real estate broker and house-flipping expert best known from HGTV’s Flip or Flop Nashville, is now starring in a new series, Fix My Flip. During the six-episode series, which premiered Thursday, March 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Turner returns to her Los Angeles hometown to help SoCal’s overwhelmed flippers. Powered by her proven success, insider knowledge of the local real estate market, a dose of tough love and her strong faith, Page invests her own money down to help the flippers get back on track and uses her expertise to help them make top dollar.

“I pray every day so that whatever situation I encounter, whatever the outcome, I honor Him,” Turner says. “God is in control – He covers me and He knows what’s best. My faith has brought me through many trials, and each one has strengthened it undoubtedly, and the fact that God can use me and that He has my back motivates me to work hard and show that to others around me – whether that’s flipping, in my family life, deals I close, etc.”

As a single mom to three girls, Turner supported her daughters (including twins) through private schools and top universities on her own, so she knows the hard work that goes into raising strong kids and giving them a foundation of faith. Page’s vision, resilience and work ethic have propelled her to the top of her industry and her personal story has made her a role model to many women and single parents.

Turner recently starred as a guest judge on the premiere episode of HGTV’s hit home reno competition series Rock the Block. The show, along with episodes Flip or Flop Nashville and Fix My Flip are available to stream on discovery+, the definitive non-fiction, real life subscription streaming service.

About Page Turner:
Page Turner is an Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Real Estate Broker, Flipping Expert, Executive Producer, TV Host, Vision Strategist and founder of EGAP Real Estate and Do the Work, Inc.

After working for many years under the tutelage of great humanitarians such as Magic Johnson, Page is a self-started and successful entrepreneur that has been a real estate Broker, Flipper and Investor for two decades, a published author (The G.O. Life on owns Do the Work, Inc. and BLW Productions, and is Co-Creator, Executive Producer and Host of her second hit HGTV show Fix My Flip!

An expert in all facets of residential real estate, flipping, investing, building businesses and persevering through tough times, Page has a huge personality, is extremely inspirational, and sensationally entertaining.

As a single mom to three girls, Page supported her daughters (including twins) through private school and top universities. Page’s vision, resilience and work ethic have propelled her to the top of her industry. Her expert tips will help your business adapt to change quickly and emerge even stronger on the other side.


Courtesy of The {Media} Collective