On-Line Radio Network One Jam Nation Radio (OJNR) Celebrates One Year Of 24/7 Ministry On The World-Wide Airwaves
The on-line radio network continues to expand with new shows and features being added
regularly, along with an ever growing playlist of the latest and hottest Christian music.

May 25, 2017 (Bradenton, FL) – Today the on-line radio network One Jam Nation Radio, also known as OJNR, celebrates its first anniversary.  The on-line radio network, started out as a one-hour talk show called One Jam Nation, hosted by Bradenton, FL based author/speaker Jennifer Alden. After two years of hosting the show on Tampa Bay-area based WTIS-AM, the program quickly outgrew it’s one hour Saturday afternoon time-slot. Alden wanted to expand the show into something bigger and went on to the launch the radio network OJNR on May 25, 2016, airing music and talk 24/7. OJNR offers listeners an inspirational talk-radio format which would transmit a mixture of Christian music, Christian talk and teaching, music and event news and so much more.

“The Lord had given me a vision for OJNR, one that would overflow the box of what the show One Jam Nation was” says network founder Jennifer Alden. “I had envisioned a radio network and at first was reluctant, because I knew this would be stepping out into unknown waters.  A year in, I am so happy to be a part of the amazing work that the LORD is doing with the station.”

Alden also has a team of volunteers set in place that help daily to keep the station up and running, as well as helping to spread the word about the radio network. Radio personality Jay Heilman, who is the co-founder of the review and news site Today’s Christian Entertainment, acts as the station’s music director and quality control specialist. Heilman also hosts OJNR’s flagship program Kingdom Builder, which airs on the network Saturday afternoons at 1PM. “Being a part of what the LORD is doing within OJNR this past year is incredible.  The work we have done with Kingdom Builder just in the past year could not have been possible without Jennifer’s encouragement for me to do something bigger and outside the box” Heilman explains. “I prayed for God to allow me to use my skills to bring Him Honor and glory and I now know that OJNR was an answer to that prayer.”

2017 promises to be a big and busy year for the radio network, with plans underway of possibly bringing the on-line radio network into a physical studio complete with a set-up to host live shows and even musical guests.  “I have prayed for a good while that the LORD would continue to open doors for this network” Alden says. “It was always a goal of mine for OJNR at some point to become a terrestrial station in addition to broadcasting on-line. The possibilities are endless and very exciting. Continuing to grow is paramount, as this will go far in expanding the capabilities we have in reaching the masses for Christ.”

In addition to celebrating a year of 24/7 on-line radio, OJNR is also seeking artists, businesses, churches, ministries and/or events/tours who would like to “Join The Mission” and become monthly ministry partners. Through an affordable financial partnership with OJNR, sponsors can have custom-created commercials and radio spots made for on-line airplay along with banner placement on the network’s website and social media. For more information on how you can be a part of what OJNR is doing, please email [email protected] or call 855-255-6567. The network’s site can be found at here.

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About One Jam Nation Radio (OJNR):
OJNR is the brain-child of Bradenton, FL author and radio producer Jennifer Alden. With Psalm 95:1 as her inspiration, Alden uses her own private devotionals from her “Joy and Music” ministry as a way to connect the body of Christ together to celebrate and “make a joyful noise unto the Rock of our Salvation”. The station launched its 24/7 radio network on-line in May 2016 playing the latest and great Christian music including the programs Kingdom Builder w/ Jay Heilman; Jesus Music Flashback w/ Brian Mark Weller; Christian Coffee Talk for Women; Road to Redemption w/ Bryan Duncan; A New Beginning w/ Pastor Greg Laurie and Tina Talks Truth.