North Point InsideOut ‘Nothing Ordinary’

///North Point InsideOut ‘Nothing Ordinary’

North Point InsideOut ‘Nothing Ordinary’

Written by: Brian Hunter (4/5/2017)

North Point Insideout releases their first EP with Centricity Music “Nothing Ordinary.” This 5-track album not only is power but showcases the new age of worship music today. This short album will surely leaving you wanting more from this very talented worship team.

The first track “We Are Royals” starts it all off on a high note with the poppy tune.  Within this catchy fun track leaves a beautiful message as to how we are all “Royals” in God’s eyes.  The poor, rich, all people are God’s wonderful people.

The next song truly is the shining jewel of this EP. “Death was Arrested” is not only powerful, but the lyrics are beautiful written.  Here is just one of the verses; “My orphan heart was given a name/My mourning grew quiet my feet rose to dance/When death was arrested and my life began.” The lyrics really tell a story through and bring it all together with an incredible strong chorus. This is a song you instantly want to listen over and over. I plan on adding this to my own worship team’s music! Throughout it tells the story of Jesus and the sacrifice he gave to us all.

“Every Beat” will be sure to get you moving and worshiping. This is a declaration to God stating we live for him and to his heartbeat. The songwriters on this song are pretty impressive with the likes of Phil Wickham, Seth Mosley, Steven Fee, and Matt Hammit.

The next song revisits the Easter theme of “Death was Arrested.” “Enough for Me” is a beautiful love song to our savior. This is another worship song I could envision being sung at many churches in the near future. Fun fact of this song is Brett Stanfill is the lead singer (Yes brother of Kristin Stanfill).

Closing out the album comes a happy fun foot tapping song called “Love Come Down.” Another Easter type theme, but in a very uplifting positive output.

Overall this EP really is a keeper. I fully recommend going out and buying this album. A full-length album will be a fun listen in the future. This album not only is powerful, fun, full of worship, it is also very well produced and polished. You truly will be uplifted with the collection of songs.


Released: April 7, 2017

Label: Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. We Are Royals
  2. Death Was Arrested
  3. Every Beat
  4. Enough For Me
  5. Love Came Down

5 Tracks, 00:00

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