Scripture Snack Kids ‘Fun Size Volume 1’

///Scripture Snack Kids ‘Fun Size Volume 1’

It can always be a challenge to get kids to eat right. Let’s face it; there’s a lot of junk out there, from outright poison to useless filler. Most of the things we consume are chosen on the basis of looks and taste, but that can’t be the only deciding factor. “Does it nourish and refresh?” is a far more important consideration.

The same can be said for the things we allow into our minds and hearts, in fact even more so. While the food we eat eventually leaves our body, our souls don’t conveniently purge themselves automatically. It would be far easier to prevent these contaminants from entering us in the first place than to remove them; far better to fill ourselves with something good than remain empty. With that in mind, Scripture Snacks aims to fill the hearts of children with truths lifted from Scripture in an easy to remember and understand format- a snack-sized portion of the bread of life. The album consists of 20 tracks, half of which are instrumental karaoke versions of the ten songs included. Vocals are by Joy and Grace Shocklee, who do a wonderful job of staying with the songs despite their tender ages.

“Ten Commandments” runs down the list of commands given by God to Moses, spelling out in straightforward terms what each one means. It’s a little harder to say, “I haven’t broken that one” if the old-fashioned phraseology is clarified. “Time” asks us to look carefully at how we spend our time, seeking God’s wisdom to make the right choices. Ticking clock sounds in the background help underscore the urgency of choosing wisely. “Fruits of the Spirit” lists the titular fruits before reminding us that we can give glory to God and prove our disciplehood to ourselves and others by producing fruit in our lives.

“Faith” tracks faith’s origins (hearing God’s word), status (convincing you of the unseen) and future (walking ahead by it). Probably not by coincidence, the rhythm of this song is as steady as a heartbeat. “Trust” declares that rather than relying on what one knows, trusting in God will lead to straight pathways. Knowing that God God brings victory and strength extinguishes fear. “Think of These” reminds us to focus on virtuous topics. So often we get discouraged because our thoughts are consumed with earthly matters, not heaven. If we spent more time thinking of lovely, true things, we’d be encouraged. “I Will Not Fear” gives the reason for fearlessness as God’s presence in our lives. Fear doesn’t come from God; love, peace, and sanity are his gifts. Why should we be afraid?

“Give Thanks” calls us to thank God for His goodness and faithfulness. In His presence, how can we possibly feel ungrateful? Celebration is undeniably called for when we consider everything God does for us. “Eternal Life” expresses the wonder that God’s love motivated him to give his only Son so we could have everlasting life. If we believe in Him, we won’t have to suffer death as a consequence of our sin. “A Child Is Born” ends off with the prophecy about Christ’s birth in Isaiah; the shortest track on the album still manages to leave us with hope.

Just as a snack is less than a full meal, each of the tracks on Scripture Snacks gives children a small morsel of truth. Yet like the kind of healthy snack that makes nutritionists cheer, soccer coaches turn cartwheels, and little kids go “yum!”, this album is full of miniature portions of the timeless truths your children will return to as the years go by. While I imagine hearing any of these cute songs 400 times during one road trip would be a little much, at least you know that your kids are getting portions of the Scriptures. You might even sing along once or twice. Hey, everybody needs God’s word…

Released: July 31, 2015

Label: ShaeShoc Records

Track Listing:

  1. Ten Commandments (3:33)
  2. Time (2:19)
  3. Fruits Of The Spirit (2:38)
  4. Faith (2:48)
  5. Trust (2:41)
  6. Think Of These 2:46)
  7. I Will Not Fear (2:28)
  8. Give Thanks (3:19)
  9. Eternal Life (2:03)
  10. A Child Is Born (1:17)

*Every track has a matching instrumental track, tracks 11-20

10 Tracks, 25:52

20 Tracks, 51:44 (Including instrumental tracks)

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