Written by: Kelly Meade (7/24/2015)

Talented trio The Booth Brothers, comprised of original members Ronnie & Michael Booth along with Paul Lancaster, have made a name for themselves in Southern Gospel music. Over the years, the group has toured extensively spreading the Good News wherever the road leads. The release of the new album Still marks their fifth studio project.

“Faith Keeps Walking” opens the album encouraging us to release our worries, regrets & fears to God and continue on our path in faith believing that no matter what comes along, when we keep our eyes on Him, He will guide us to the other side of the storm. “Still” reassures that through all the changes life brings – both the good and bad, God is the one constant. His Word and promises will never cease to be true. He will always be there to listen to our prayers and be the One we can place our trust in.

“Dirt On My Hands” serves as a reminder that we were created to show Jesus’ love in all that we do including helping our family, friends, neighbors and even complete strangers who may not always show their appreciation in return. Sometimes we may be asked to go above and beyond our comfort zones to fulfill the need. With God working through us, we can accomplish what is asked and do so with His loving kindness.

The modern classic, “Touch Of The Master’s Hand”, tells of the dramatic change that takes place when the Master picks up the broken down pieces of His creation and with His healing touch cleanses them, revealing their true beauty and helping them reach their full potential. “Wildflower (Vicki’s Song)” shares the touching story of a young girl who never knew the love of a father and wasn’t sure how to accept the love of her Heavenly Father. Over time, she realizes that God has been with her all along, guiding with a caring hand to help her see that He is worthy of her trust and will never abandon her. The closing track “Jesus Saves” proclaims the freedom and truth in the foundation of faith that is the living Savior. In Him we find forgiveness, hope, redemption and the promise of all things made new.

The Booth Brothers tight harmonies are front and center throughout the album as the men take turns providing lead vocals. Start to finish we hear songs that encourage and uplift while reminding listeners of both the mighty power and unending love of our God in heaven.

Released: July 31, 2015

Label: Gaither Music Group

Track Listing:

  1. Faith Keeps Walking (3:31)
  2. Happy Rhythm (3:18)
  3. Still (4:27)
  4. Dirt On My Hands (3:43)
  5. I Am The Word (3:44)
  6. Touch Of The Masters Hand (5:37)
  7. Whenever I Speak His Name (4:25)
  8. Down By The River (3:14)
  9. Wildflower (Vicki’s Song) (4:55)
  10. Jesus Saves (5:21)

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