Written by: Kelly Meade (1/16/19)

Alternative rock band Switchfoot has garnered legions of fans that stretch beyond the Christian music genre over the course of their career spanning the past two decades. Their unique musical arrangements combining elements of rock, soul, grunge & pop, honest vocals and songs that don’t shy away from subjects that are sometimes difficult to discuss reaches hearts and souls of listeners with a foundation built on the promises of God. These themes carry through with the band’s latest release, Native Tongue.

“Let It Happen” questions the meaning of life and the struggles we face recognizing that much of it is beyond our control. The lyrics find the answer in placing our trust in God and surrendering our worries about the unknown into His hands – the hands that hold our future.

Title track, “Native Tongue”, beckons listeners to return to the basis of our faith and the purpose for which we were created; living out the love of Christ in our words, actions and all aspects of our life.

“Prodigal Soul” depicts the story of someone who has strayed from their belief and made poor decisions only to realize that true peace, forgiveness and hope is found when you come to the Heavenly Father Who waits with open arms.

“Take My Fire” refuses to allow the deception & attacks of the enemy steal the desire to press on, choosing to follow God through the temptations and darkest moments.

My personal favorite song on this album, “The Strength To Let Go”, is a powerful prayer for the ability to let go of what has been keeping you from reaching your full potential in Christ as we fight to figure out everything on our own and live on our own terms. Complete surrender to God is often the most difficult (and scary) thing we can do, but when we fully trust Him with our lives He will take us above and beyond what we can fathom.

“We’re Gonna Be Alright” reassures that it’s ok to have questions, hurt, fail, feel and to be human. We all have different things that weigh us down and try to steal our joy. It’s important to remember that through it all, we are not alone and it will get better.

The overall message of Native Tongue is one of love and encouragement for us to live our lives in such a way that reflects our Savior’s presence in our hearts. Switchfoot’s signature sound is present throughout the album with songs that tell of real life challenges, searching for what really matters and strengthening your relationship with Christ.


Released: January 18, 2019

Label: Fantasy Records

Track Listing:

    1. 1. Let It Happen (4:41)
    1. 2. Native Tongue (4:38)
    1. 3. All I Need (3:08)
    1. 4. Voices (2:58)
    1. 5. Dig New Streams (3:45)
    1. 6. Joy Invincible (3:42)
    1. 7. Prodigal Soul (3:51)
    1. 8. The Hardest Art (feat. Kaela Sinclair) (4:13)
    1. 9. Wonderful Feeling (4:06)
    1. 10. Take My Fire (3:45)
    1. 11. The Strength to Let Go (4:18)
    1. 12. Oxygen (4:14)
    1. 13. We’re Gonna Be Alright (2:55)
    1. 14. You’re the One I Want (2:05)

14 Tracks, 52:00

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