Tauren Wells ‘Hills and Valleys’

///Tauren Wells ‘Hills and Valleys’

Tauren Wells ‘Hills and Valleys’

Written by: Kelly Meade (6/22/17)

After a successful stint with the band Royal Tailor, Tauren Wells has been making a name for himself with his own music. Hills and Valleys marks his solo debut bringing with it the message of God’s love to weary hearts.

“When We Pray” opens the album with a song that speaks of the importance of seeking God & His will through prayer and the powerful results that follow.

“Never Gonna Let Me Go” finds someone ready to give control of their life over to the Lord, choosing to trust that He will never let us face anything alone. Resting in this promise, we can step out in faith into the unknown we’re called to, letting go of the way we think our life should be and embracing the one that God has for us.

Title track, “Hills and Valleys” reminds listeners no matter what they’re up against, God is the same God at the highest of highs & lowest lows. When we’re feeling on top of the world, remember that you didn’t get there alone and when journeying through the depths of pain & sadness, He will still be with you.

“Known” stands out with its stripped down sound as it celebrates the fact that there is nothing we need to hide from our Savior. He accepts and loves us for exactly who we are. Nothing, not even our flaws & mistakes will ever scare Him away.

My personal favorite selection is “God’s Not Done With You”. The lyrics beautifully state that when we think everything has fallen apart around us and we don’t see sense in continuing on, we are not forgotten or thrown away by God. He can take our shattered hearts & brokenness and use them in ways we can’t even imagine. Included on the deluxe edition of the album is an original demo version of the song with a simplified, piano driven melody that allows the words to resonate with listeners even more.

Similarly, the arrangement of “Hills and Valleys (The Valleys Version)” takes away the added production leaving a stunning piano and strings backdrop for the lyrics & Tauren’s vocal abilities to take center stage.

As a whole, Hills and Valleys (Deluxe Edition) offers a pleasant and spiritually enriching listening experience while the songs point to the promises, unfailing love and merciful grace of God.


Released: June 23, 2017

Label: Provident Label Group LLC

Track Listing:

  1. When We Pray (3:12)
  2. All About You (feat. Hollyn) (3:29)
  3. Never Gonna Let Me Go (3:02)
  4. Hills and Valleys (3:55)
  5. Nothing But You (feat. Davies) (4:37)
  6. Known (3:18)
  7. Love Is Action (3:06)
  8. Undefeated (feat. KB) (3:58)
  9. All My Love (3:17)
  10. God’s Not Done With You (3:33)
  11. *September (3:44)
  12. *Supernatural (4:25)
  13. *God’s Not Done With You (original demo) (3:24)
  14. *Hills and Valleys (The Hills Remix) (3:50)
  15. Hills and Valleys (The Valleys Version) (4:09)

15  Tracks, 55:00

(* notes deluxe edition track)

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