Written by: Laura Chambers (1/27/2016)

Cities are the center of every problem known to man. Poverty. Hunger. Violence. Greed. Illness. Whether it’s merely more noticeable in large numbers, or amplified in intensity is a debate for another time. Before we can do anything for those who dwell in our metropolises, we must tell them the reason we care. And that’s where Urban Rescue comes in. Bringing the message of Jesus through worship they believe will enliven and ignite hope in hopeless hearts; Urban Rescue gives us Wild Heart EP.

“Recreate” blends a modern computer-y sound with classic piano and drum to remind us that despite our tattered state, all it takes is a hint of God’s awesome love to change our outlook forever. We become remade when we are exposed to Him; finally given a purpose, we can walk into the days ahead with a fresh perspective. “Open Hands” encourages us not to hold in our pain and fear, but surrender it all to God. We can’t fully know Him if we hold back anything. Once we trust Him, He will work in our lives in ways we could never imagine.

“Kaleidoscope”, while less ethereal than you’d expect a song by that name to be, asks God to alter our vision in such a way that beauty is made from the varied broken images of the world. Despite the hectic mess we find ourselves in every day, there is hidden splendor amidst it all; we just have to see it as God does. And we can do that by looking through His eyes, colored by his love like the eponymous device. “His Name” assures us that God has many names, each depending on our need at that particular moment. He is our father, our friend, source of light, a comforting hand. Jesus encompasses all these roles in one perfect person. Lastly, “Wild Heart” pictures a quest of unlimited boundaries; both physical and spiritual, reaching into every sphere God leads us into. Using lyrics from “I Have Decided To Follow Jesus” in the bridge (which has been done before, but why not?), and describing God as having a wild heart (fiercely loving, I presume), this song seems like a marching anthem for mission work.

It’s a bold vision, to be sure: redefining the scope of the mission field; narrowing it, in effect, to our own corner of the world. Urban Rescue brilliantly urges us to give our neighborhoods a second look with God’s eyes. It could be the difference between salvation and ruin for people who matter to God.

Released: January 29, 2016

Label: Rend Family Records

Track Listing:

  1. Recreate (4:32)
  2. Open Hands (3:22)
  3. Kaleidoscope (3:55)
  4. His Name (4:40)
  5. Wild Heart (3:42)

5 Tracks, 20:11

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