Written by: Brian Hunter (3/08/2017)

Aaron Shust never ceases to impress with each album under his belt. Aaron could even be considered underrated, but his body of worship music is second to none. Aaron blesses us with his 7th studio album and first live album called “Love Made A Way.” This project features familiar hits such as “My Savior My God” and “Ever Be” with some new quality tracks “You Redeem.”

This album immediately jumps out as genuine and all about the worship. The first track captures your attention with a fun modern poppy (with a hint of the 80’s) song called “Heartbeat.” This song is just really fun to listen to and at the same time giving a strong worship theme. God is the heartbeat in all we need.
The familiar piano riff starts for the hit single “My Hope Is in You” and you are fully engaged. At times you get lost in the music feeling you are with the live crowd in Nashville praising God. Although this is a well known song you get a different take and in my opinion a more worship filled song. This becomes a theme with his staple of hits found on the album.

Aaron is a gifted worship writer and showcases those classic well-crafted pieces throughout this live album. “Ever Be” was truly well done in the live setting and made you want to be at this live event. One of my favorites “Cornerstone” did not disappoint in the least and provides a new worship energy.

A shout out is needed to the producer of this epic live album, Nathan Nockels. Nathan expressed the live energy within this live project but also provided the well-polished studio sound. Nathan’s wife Christy, joins Aaron on the beautifully written “Death Was Arrested” adding her iconic voice.

“My Savior My God” would seem to be an overplayed/recorded song at this point right? Well that just is never the case with this timeless worship hymn. This song is a blessing for the generation and always. The live version of this song is as expected and moves the spirit of the Lord throughout.

A new song “Lean On” closes it all out in triumphed fashion. The song is a great reminder of how eternal and amazing our God really is! The track is a positive inspiration to lead you on after listening to this 11 track project.

Overall “Love Made A Way” is an amazing live experience that is well worth the minimal cost . Aaron Shust continues and will continue to lead all those who listen closer to God. I fully recommend picking this up for a family member or friend and also add these live renditions to your Sunday worship service.


Released: March 10, 2017

Label: Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. 1. Heartbeat
  2. My Hope is in You
  3. Belong
  4. You Redeem
  5. Ever Be
  6. God of Brilliant Lights
  7. Cornerstone
  8. Death Was Arrested
  9. Resurrecting
  10. My Savior My God
  11. Lead On (King Eternal)

11 Tracks, 41:00

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