Written by: Kelly Meade (10/25/17)

Former member of the band Stellar Kart, Adam Agee has served as the lead singer for Audio Adrenaline for the past couple of years. Now he’s releasing his first solo project, the EP Paper Planes.

“Going With You” sets the tone for the EP as it tells of placing your faith and trust fully in God’s plan believing that He has the best life for us if we choose to follow Him.

Title track, “Paper Planes”, asks God to guide us when we set out into the world to be reflections of Him as we live our lives and share the message of salvation with others.

“Fighting For You” reminds listeners how important we are in God’s eyes. He is our greatest defender and stronger than any force that tries to steal our hope and take everything from us; we can count on Him to be by our side through whatever battle we face.

“Empire Of Noise” calls out all of the modern day distractions that can smother us and our connection to God when we get too wrapped up in it. We’re all guilty of spending too much time on social media, watching TV or movies and everything else that keeps us from experiencing the full measure of God’s love. We need to remember to unplug from the world and immerse ourselves in God more often.

A live, acoustic version of “Going With You” closes the EP.

With a firm focus on living a life established on the foundation of trusting God, Paper Planes inspires and encourages listeners to fully embrace their relationship with their Savior. Additionally, the upbeat melodies and Adam Agee’s smooth vocals make this an all-around enjoyable collection of songs to add to your music playlist.


Released: October 27, 2017

Label: First Company Management LLC

Track Listing:

  1. Going With You (3:19)
  2. Paper Planes (3:09)
  3. Fighting For You (3:34)
  4. Empire Of Noise (3:02)
  5. Going With You (Live Acoustic) (3:15)

5 Tracks, 17:00

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