Alisa Turner ‘Alisa Turner EP’

///Alisa Turner ‘Alisa Turner EP’

Alisa Turner ‘Alisa Turner EP’

Written by: Kelly Meade (8/20/2017)

Through many trials & tragedies she has experienced and obstacles overcome, Alisa Turner has held on to faith even in the darkest moments when all seemed lost. The journey through those times is the theme for this self-titled EP.

“Lift My Eyes” opens the EP with a song that builds on the words of Psalm 121 recognizing Jesus as our source of peace knowing we can fully trust in His faithfulness.

“More Than Going To Make It” declares a steadfast hope & faith in God’s promises as we trust in Him to be our guide, provider and to never let us face hardships alone.

“My Prayer For You” sends a message to anyone who is struggling with doubts, questions & difficulties and may be wondering why God seems distant. The lyrics remind listeners that God is with them and His grace & mercy will never cease.

Inspired by “Psalm 13”, the closing track by the same name reiterates a continued trust in God realizing that He has been good & true to His word thus far and His love will never fail.

With an overarching message of placing our trust, faith & hope in God and believing that His promises found in the Bible remain true to this day, Alisa Turner offers songs that bring comfort to a weary heart.


Released: August 25, 2017

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

  1. Lift My Eyes (4:15)
  2. Not Even Now (4:42)
  3. More Than Going To Make It (3:44)
  4. My Prayer For You (4:05)
  5. As It Is In Heaven (6:00)
  6. Psalm 13 (2:44)

6 Tracks, 26:00

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