Written by: Laura Chambers (8/8/2017)

It’s the stuff of thrill rides and nightmares; a sudden reversal of one’s spatial orientation, and instantly, you’re plummeting to the ground, powerless to change your circumstances. There’s no time to react or reach out for a handhold. All you can do is close your eyes and hope that something softer than the ground below will break your fall.

For those who trust in Christ, it is more than mere hope. We have confidence that He is holding us even when it seems like we’re free falling. He hears us when we cry out for rescue. In His arms, our disorientation gives way to clarity, and falling to flight. Long Hollow Wave assures us that being flipped Upside Down can be the scariest, best thing that ever happened to us, reversing the lies and opening our hearts to the truth.

Weary of subsistence without substance, “You Are My Revival” declares Jesus to be our rejuvenation. Our lives have meaning when we point to someone higher than ourselves. His light makes the darkness inside of us flee.  “Mystery” finds it incomprehensible that Jesus would die to save those opposed to Him. We haven’t and couldn’t earn this gift, and He doesn’t expect us to change before we come to Him. All we need is Jesus. “The Name” describes Jesus’ name in terms of the effect speaking or invoking it can have. Because He gave us our very breath, what more fitting use of it could there be than devoting every one to His kingdom? “Upside Down” describes how God affects us, beginning with the very core of who we are. It’s the upending of everything we believed about life as we get a do-over. We rejoice and echo what we have received back to the world.

“Promises” declares that we can always trust what God has said, even though we cannot see what’s coming.  If we should fail to recall His promises in the face of terrible circumstances, He will stir up our faith. He will never abandon us. “God Over All” acknowledges that the Lord reigns over everything and everyone. In this we can assuredly rest, knowing all He does glorifies Himself and benefits us. We can defy the power of hell with His word. “Just Breathe” admits to being unsure of God’s presence at times, but rather than complacently accepting it, seeks to draw in His life. Every problem fades when we focus all of our attention on Him.

“Beyond” shows God to be stronger than us, pulling us closer though we pull away. His compassion for us is bigger than we can know or perceive, removing our wrongs from us with the power of His sacrificial love. “Focus” desires that God have all of our attention and adoration, stealing it from lesser things. Nothing else can compare to Him. “Meet Me In This Moment” tenderly prays that Jesus will come to the place we find ourselves in and change our perspective if not the circumstances. He can create lovely things from our despair as no one else can. Everything we run after leaves us longing for more of Him.

Everything changes when Jesus enters into the conversation. Our foundation of lies and darkness is revealed for the shifting sand it truly is, and we gladly trade it for the solid certainty of Christ’s blood. Though we may be turned Upside Down, we find freedom in the upheaval.  Long Hollow Wave celebrates the grace of God, responding with praise, faith, and trust out of gratitude.


Released: August 25, 2017

Label: Dream Worship

Track Listing:

  1. You Are My Revival (feat. Brodes Hartley & Caitie Hurst) [Live] (3:58)
  2. Mystery (feat. Justin Greer) [Live] (5:39)
  3. The Name (feat. Caitie Hurst) [Live] (4:59)
  4. Upside Down (feat. Brandon Sharp) [Live] (4:04)
  5. Promises (feat. Caitie Hurst) [Live] (4:38)
  6. God Over All (feat. Caitie Hurst) [Live] (4:46)
  7. Just Breathe (feat. Brandon Sharp & Caitie Hurst) [Live] (5:37)
  8. Beyond (feat. Brandon Sharp) (3:06)
  9. Focus (feat. Brodes Hartley) (3:56)
  10. Meet Me In This Moment (feat. Brandon Sharp) (4:23)

10 Tracks, 46:00

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