Written by: Jon Fisher (7/10/21)

Can you go home again? The 30th anniversary re-release of Amy Grant’s ninth studio album, “Heart In Motion”, tries to answer that question. Certainly one of her most successful albums, it contained Grant’s biggest hit, “Baby Baby” and sold over 5 million copies. The album was released in March of 1991, and it very much takes one back to the slick production and arrangements of pop music that were dominant in late 80’s and early 90’s. With this album, Grant had fully crossed over to mainstream pop. Although there are several songs that have more religious overtones, the majority is fully secular. The only song on the album that has any direct connection to a Christian theme is “Ask Me” with the lyrics touching on child abuse and God:

Ask her how she knows there’s a God up in the heaven Where did He go in the middle of her shame? Ask her how she knows there’s a God up in the heavens She said His mercy is bringing her life again.

Admittedly, I am not enamored of album reissues regardless of whether they include outtakes, remixes or remasters, and this reissue is fleshed out to a two-disc set with all three. This type of release is strictly for the hardcore fans. Outtakes are outtakes for a reason. For example, the rough cut of “Galileo” ends with Grant coughing in the very last verse just before the song ends. It really doesn’t add anything to the legacy of “Heart in Motion” and if anything, it detracts. The same could be said of the remixes, especially for “Baby Baby”, of which there are no less than three on disc #2.

There are three new songs on the album: “Don’t Ever Want To Lose It (Wind In The Fire)”, “Stand By Me” and “Day And Night”. All three work more as typical love songs than spiritual overtures. “Don’t Ever Want To Lose It” is a slower, sentimental tune about holding on to a loved one and the wistfulness of the passage of time:

Memories on your face

Beautiful lines my hands can trace

Year-by-year, slowly we’re changing, my dear

Every sun setting low

Burns down fast

Can’t make it stay Can’t make it last


Released: July 9, 2021

Label: Sparrow Records / Amy Grant Productions

Track Listing:


  1. Good For Me (4:00)
  2. Baby Baby (3:57)
  3. Every Heartbeat (3:34)
  4. That’s What Love Is For (4:18)
  5. Ask Me (3:53)
  6. Galileo (4:21)
  7. You’re Not Alone (3:51)
  8. Hats (4:09)
  9. I Will Remember You (5:00)
  10. How Can We See That Far (4:27)
  11. Hope Set High (2:50)


  1. Don’t Ever Want To Lose It (Wind In The Fire) (3:24)
  2. Stand By Me (3:31)
  3. Heart In Motion Medley (6:06)
  4. Good For Me (Demo) (4:02)
  5. Baby Baby (7″ Heart In Motion Mix) (3:51)
  6. Every Heartbeat (Steve Bashir Edit) (3:35)
  7. That’s What Love Is For (Demo) (3:53)
  8. Ask Me (7″ Mix) (4:02)
  9. Baby Baby (12″ Heart In Motion Mix) (6:03)
  10. Galileo (Rough Mix) (4:13)
  11. I Will Remember You (Rhythm Mix) (5:01)
  12. Good For Me (12″ So Good Mix) (6:01)
  13. Every Heartbeat (Heart and Soul Edit) (3:48)
  14. Day and Night (3:50)
  15. Baby Baby (7″ No Getting Over You Mix) (4:01)
  16. Good For Me (12″ Mix) (5:44)

2 Discs, 27 Tracks

  • Disc One Run Time: 44:20
  • Disc Two Run Time: 71:05 (Total: 115:25)

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