Andrew Peterson ‘Resurrection Letters: Prologue’

///Andrew Peterson ‘Resurrection Letters: Prologue’

Andrew Peterson ‘Resurrection Letters: Prologue’

Written by: Kelly Meade (3/30/18)

Accomplished singer/songwriter and author Andrew Peterson has compiled two special collections titled Resurrection Letters, the highly anticipated prequel to his previous album Resurrection Letters Vol. 2. The first of the new releases is Prologue serving to set the scene of the Savior’s sacrifice on Calvary and the glory to follow with songs inspired directly from the Scriptures.

“Last Words (Tenebrae)” sets the final words of Jesus as He died on the cross to music repeating them in a thoughtful manner allowing the weight of them to sink in.

“Always Good” reminds us that through our most difficult times, God is still within the chaos, drawing us nearer to Him. As hard as it can be to focus on God and believe that He is there, but we must remember His faithfulness & trust that our hardships and the trials around us are not for nothing.

“God Rested” poignantly depicts the process of Jesus’ burial and the emotions that those closest to Him experienced while pointing out the hope to come very soon.

This five song Prologue EP precedes the release of Resurrection Letters Vol. 1, coming March 30th, with a collection of heartfelt tracks that speak to listeners as they reflect on the importance of the events surrounding Jesus’ death on the cross and the glorious promise to be fulfilled.


Released: February 9, 2018

Label: Andrew Peterson under exclusive license to Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. Last Words (Tenebrae) (3:43)
  2. Well Done Good and Faithful (5:58)
  3. The Ninth Hour (1:53)
  4. Always Good (3:32)
  5. God Rested (4:10)

5 Tracks 20:00

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