Written by: Kelly Meade (4/24/22)

Anne Wilson has quickly made a name for herself in the Christian music industry with the debut single “My Jesus” that still carries a deep meaning to listeners everywhere. Now, the singer/songwriter has released her first full-length album bearing the same title of My Jesus.

A prelude sets the tone as it builds into the anthemic “Scatter”. The lyrics tell of shouting praises to the Lord until the enemy turns to run at the sound.

As I referenced in the opening, “My Jesus” has become the breakout hit for Anne with a gospel-infused celebration of the power, love and grace found in Jesus. The song also recognizes that choosing a relationship with Him can change your life for the better.

“Sunday Sermons” reminisces about drawing closer to our Heavenly Father through the messages heard and songs learned as a young child growing up in a positive church environment as well as the morals instilled while there.

“This House” points out the importance of having a solid foundation built on the Word of the Lord. No matter the adornments, the grandest of appearances fall short if the roots are not firm in the truth, faith & hope of God.

“That’s What We Need” acknowledges that instead of just going through the motions of empty faith, we need to be living out our belief in Jesus and doing what the Bible says – loving people, helping where we can, showing God’s grace & the message of the Gospel in our words and actions.

“Closer To God” reminds us that through everything we face, God is with us. When we’re at our lowest and we may not see Him, He’s right there. He hears every desperate prayer, catches every tear and will never leave.

The album closes with a collaboration of “My Jesus” featuring Crowder. Crowder & Anne’s styles definitely compliment each other making this version of the hit a highlight.

As a whole, My Jesus is a solid debut. The blend of country, gospel & bluegrass stands out from a lot of mainstream Christian music while the messages within the songs will resonate with listeners beyond the genre. With a firm focus on being real in your faith and the nearness of our Savior, this album will be a welcome addition to many collections.


Released: April 22, 2022

Label: Sparrow Records

Track Listing:

  1. Prelude (Scatter) (0:58)
  2. Scatter (3:14)
  3. My Jesus (3;37)
  4. Devil (3:24)
  5. Sunday Sermons (3:20)
  6. Hey Girl (3:08)
  7. This House (3:38)
  8. Mansions (3:07)
  9. Mamas (feat. Hillary Scott) (3:24)
  10. No Place Like Home (3:31)
  11. God Thing (3:19)
  12. That’s What We Need (3:37)
  13. Something About That Name (3:32)
  14. Closer To God (3:33)
  15. My Jesus (feat. Crowder) (3:37)

15 Tracks, 50:00

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