Written by: Kelly Meade (05/11/23)

With the release of their EP, Live At Ocean Way Nashville, New Jersey based AOH Music brings hopeful worship and hearts set on serving our Savior. This 3-song collection offers a taste of this group’s fresh sound and powerful vocal performances that direct listeners to God in a way that is thoughtful and reflective.

“Abba Father” recognizes our Heavenly Father for the loving and protective way He will never leave us to face anything alone. The lyrics draw from God’s promises found throughout scripture reminding us of His faithfulness.

“Heal Our World” carries a message of hope and prayer for healing all that is broken while offering praise and glory to our Savior as it beautifully acknowledges the redeeming power of Jesus.

“Light Of The World” declares a need to accept Jesus into your heart and embrace the truth that can truly change and set us free from our sin.

AOH (which stands for Array Of Hope) is certainly a promising & talented new worship band whose music has the potential to reach people on a deeply spiritual level. The songs featured on Live At Ocean Way Nashville would be a great addition to your devotional time or any time you want to shift your mindset back to where our hope is found.


Released: May 12, 2023

Label: Array of Hope, Inc.

Track Listing:

1. Abba Father (6:12)
2. Heal Our World (6:19)
3. Light Of The World (4:44)

3 Tracks, 17:00

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