Written by: Laura Chambers (September 5-6, 2019)

Like waves calming as the storm recedes, growing up has the tendency to mellow us out. I’m not saying it’s entirely a bad thing, mind you; the predictable patterns school has introduced us to become the rhythms of mature adult life. We take a steady job and learn our duties, fall into a routine of doing things at the same time in the same manner. Even our recreation falls into its own time slot on the agenda – lessons, sessions, group meetings, and the like.
If daily life is analogous to the school year, it can quickly become tedious, more of a chore than a joy. But what if our lives more closely resembled vacation? Nowhere in particular to go, nothing necessary to be done, no time limits (aside from the end of the trip, that is). The possibilities for adventure and opportunity would be endless. Attaboy invites us to envision a life bursting with potential, one that embraces risk and challenge, that refuses to be squelched. Wild cries to the dissatisfaction in our hearts, encouraging bold action and spoken truth.

The introductory short track “Wild” accelerates like the heart rate of a person gradually regaining lucidity after a long night’s sleep.

From there, “Waking Up” bemoans the crushing weight of being ignored and despised. We can shrug off the pain and pretend it doesn’t affect us, but that will never solve the underlying problem. It’s only by coming together that we free ourselves and others from the wounds inflicted by hate and apathy.

“Let It Go” recognizes the strain of trying to control our lives as unnecessary, stress-inducing, and altogether a waste of time. The song cheerfully resolves to stop worrying about things that can’t be changed, because everybody will struggle at one point or another. It’s our attitude that determines whether it will break us or change us.

“Never Going Back” decides to stop letting the past be our motivation for moving ahead. When we keep our eyes on the road before us instead of running from our own shadows, we can experience the freedom of a new life that looks nothing like the one we escaped. Why would we ever want to return to the hectic, desperate chase of yesterday? Far better to pursue than to be pursued.

Featuring Beacon Light, “Dirty Lie” addresses sin directly, proclaiming that it has no claim on our souls anymore. Though we once were seduced by its seeming attractiveness, our eyes have been opened to see how vile, deceptive, and poisonous it can be. With truth as our ammunition, we are able to defend ourselves and destroy the devil’s lies.

“Giving Up The Fight” compares the end of struggling to evade God to the clearing of a tempest, a bright sunrise, and the ceasefire following a brutal battle. When we’re thoroughly exhausted from our own futile attempts at doing it alone, it may be frightening, but the joy and relief that will follow is worth it.

“Fearless” recognizes the truth God has been trying to convince us of for a long time, that the voices which fill us with dread at the prospect of choosing His will are not worth listening to. Any doubts we have need to be drowned out before we can truly begin to thrive. He will fill us with courage, ready and willing to do whatever He asks.

“Disappearing” describes the anguish of being ignored as the world descends into turmoil. When nobody seems to see or hear your pain, you can sometimes feel like you’re the only one who’s all alone. Though the sad song has no resolution at the end, it serves as a moment for those who share the feeling of invisibility to sympathize, and those who don’t to empathize, possibly recognize those around them who may feel that way. The music flows like a gentle, steady, gray rain.

“Fire” declares that although the enemy may attack us with every weapon he possesses, we can defy gravity if we have the power of God inside us. No matter how many crumble and fall around us, we can continue to ascend by His infinite strength.

“Overdrive” is a joy-filled celebration of the emotional high freedom in Christ gives us. Evoking imagery of light, energy, velocity, altitude, and sound, Attaboy accurately depicts the passion filling a redeemed and liberated soul.

“All We Got” rounds out the eleven tracks by reminding us to live every moment of our lives with the knowledge that we aren’t guaranteed any time in this life beyond now. (I emphasize this because I’m sure it was the song’s intention, although confused listeners could take it another way; namely, that this is the only life there is. )

We can either choose a safe, comfortable, self-seeking life or walk out in faith and commit to the unpredictable, uncomfortable, rewarding, limitless life God has for us. Attaboy rejects mindless domestication in favor of the Wild life.


Released: September 13, 2019

Label: Radiate Music

Track Listing:

1. Wild (Intro) (1:05)

2. Waking Up (3:09)

3. Let It Go (3:00)

4. Never Going Back (2:54)

5. Dirty Lie (feat. Beacon Light) (2:53)

6. Giving up the Fight (2:52)

7. Fearless (2:54)

8. Disappearing (3:08)

9. Fire (2:20)

10. Overdrive (2:49)

11. All We Got (3:17)

11 Tracks, 30:00

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