Written by: Laura Chambers (9/14/2016)

You‘ve heard it on the radio, and now you can read it to your children. The popular song “Good Good Father” makes the leap from the airwaves to the printed page, bringing with it an important reminder for children of all ages. Songwriter Pat Barrett and singer Chris Tomlin have combined their tender words with Lorna Hussey’s beautiful illustrations to show us what God is like.

Like many children’s books, this one features cute animal characters. The hero of our story is Tucker, a little bear with a big heart. Eager to help the others in his community, he decides to bring the King a gift in exchange for His assistance. So he sets off on a journey to the King’s castle, whose door is never closed. Along the way, he meets other animals and asks them for advice on what to bring. The only problem is, everybody gives him a different answer! Laden with offerings and thoroughly confused, Tucker finally makes it into castle. Has he brought exactly what the King is looking for? Will the ones he loves receive the help they need? I’d tell you, but I don’t want to spoil the story. You’ll have to read it yourself.

As for the pictures? Tucker is adorable (before I read the book, I actually thought he was a mouse, but maybe that’s just my memories of this image from The Rescuers movies), and so are the other animals he meets along the way – raccoons, foxes, owls, a squirrel and turtles among them. The scenery is simply rendered with soft colors in such a way that doesn’t feel as though it is missing anything. Distance and perspective are used skillfully to portray Tucker’s long journey.

While simple enough for little ones to read by themselves, Good Good Father is made for bedtime stories. Its comforting plot imparts precious truths that often escape us grown-ups as well. The pictures are charming; the characters are lovable; the plot is tender without being cheesy. Though you may get a little tired of reading it to your children every night two weeks in a row. Or not.


Released: October 4, 2016

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Genre: Children’s

Pages: 32

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