Written by: Kelly Meade (9/22/2016)

Alabama native Bradley Walker has been making a name for himself in bluegrass, country & gospel music circles where his talent and testimony have been showcased as he shares his God given gift to capture the emotion of each song he sings. Listeners may recognize him from his appearances on RFD-TV’s “The Joey+Rory Show”. With the release of his sophomore project Call Me Old-Fashioned, produced by Rory Feek, Bradley brings a signature blend of country values & inspirational messages that are sure to touch the hearts of listeners everywhere.

The album opens with the Kris Kristofferson classic, “Why Me” which finds a man who comes to a decision about his faith as he questions what he ever did to deserve the kindness and grace that God has lavished on him throughout his life when he has spent his days straying from a relationship with Him.

Title track, “Call Me Old-Fashioned”, shows appreciation for morals & values that seem to be lacking severely in the times we live in while longing for the days of yesteryear when people were more respectful & reverent towards each other and our Heavenly Father. While some may call these beliefs out dated, it is worth striving to hold on to them as we live our lives.

“I Count My Blessings” recognizes that even though you may not always have everything you want or think “life would be better if…”, when you take a look at what God has provided for you, you realize you have everything you need and much more than many people do.

A personal favorite, “The Toolbox”, tells the story of a hand-me-down toolbox that was passed from father to son. As the son finds a note folded inside, he learns some of the history behind the box’s contents as well as valuable advice & life lessons to put into practice.

An especially touching performance of the song “In The Time That You Gave Me” is a collaboration with Joey Feek that was put together by Bradley & Rory. The song serves as both a tribute to Joey’s life as she lived determined to spread as much of God’s love around as possible, as well as inspiring listeners to examine their life and see how they’re spending the time given to them.

Bradley’s testimony is conveyed in the lyrics of “I Feel Sorry For Them” as he shares part of his personal journey living with muscular dystrophy. While others may look at it as a disadvantage or an example of how unfair life can be, Bradley chooses to focus on the fact that he is blessed above and beyond what so many others are faced with every day.

An emotion filled live performance of the well-loved gospel hymn “Sweet Beulah Land”, featuring The Isaacs, closes the record on a high note with the hope & promise of an eternal life beyond the sufferings of this world.

Bradley Walker’s inspiring outlook speaks loud and clear through the collection of songs found on Call Me Old-Fashioned. Backed by a talented group of musicians, Bradley’s down home vocals shine as he shares stories of real life experiences, hope & faith while giving thanks to God for the blessings he’s been given.


Released: 9/23/16

Label: Farmhouse Recordings

Track Listing:

  1. Why Me (3:09)
  2. Call Me Old-Fashioned (3:25)
  3. I Count My Blessings (3:21)
  4. Sing Me To Heaven (3:20)
  5. Don’t Give Up On Me (3:31)
  6. The Toolbox (4:27)
  7. Pray For God (3:35)
  8. In The Time That You Gave Me (feat. Joey Feek) (3:08)
  9. The Right Hand Of Fellowship (2:51)
  10. His Memory Walks On Water (3:29)
  11. I Feel Sorry For Them (3:15)
  12. Sinners Only (4:04)
  13. With His Arms Wide Open (3:52)
  14. Sweet Beulah Land (feat. The Isaacs) (4:50)

14 Tracks, 51:00

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