Written by: Kelly Meade (02/25/2024)

Following several singles that hit streaming platforms over the past couple of years, Branan Murphy has released his first full-length album with Dream Records titled Life is Hard. God is Good. With it he brings a collection of songs that speak hope into the human condition reminding us that the One who created us is never far away.

An intro sets the tone for the album before moving into the title track. “Life is Hard. God is Good.” encourages that through all of the battles we face, we are not alone in the fight. No matter what, we can give our fears, doubts and worries over to God who has already overcome it all.

“Love Won’t Let Go” tells of our Savior’s unending love for us that surpasses time, circumstance and goes beyond what our human minds can fully comprehend. When it seems we’ve reached our darkest and lowest point, His love will be the light to guide us back to Him.

“Look At What Grace Can Do” is one of my favorites on the album. The lyrics carry a message of how God’s grace can work in our lives as it breaks down the walls we build up and transforms our messes into a masterpiece. Even when we feel like we’re too far gone or too broken for anything good to come from our mistakes, He will put all of the pieces back to together again.

The timely track “Father” is a prayer for our Heavenly Father to intervene and be our source of peace, security & love as we witness the tragedies, chaos & pain that plague our world today. Only He can bring true healing to the hearts in need.

“God Of My Tomorrow” reassures that we can trust God holds the future in His hands. When we’re called out of our comfort zone into a step of faith or when things appear to be crumbling all around us, we don’t need to fear what comes next because He is already there.

“Kintsugi” is a must listen message where Branan shares how he has seen God work through some of the most difficult challenges that he & his family have experienced.

“To The Lamb” closes with a song of worshipful surrender that declares a bold faith and trust in Jesus recognizing that He is worthy of our praise and will never abandon us. With its beautifully written lyrics and melodic production, this song allows listeners to reflect on the goodness of our Savior as it shifts our hearts heavenward.

Life is Hard. God is Good. is full of songs that proclaim the truth of God’s nearness to His children and peace that is available to all who believe in Him even while we encounter hardship throughout our lives in various forms. Musically we hear an intriguing blend of pop, electronic and R&B beats that help convey the message within each track while Branan delivers solid, heartfelt vocal performances. I personally have been looking forward to hearing this album for a while and it certainly does not disappoint. Life is Hard. God is Good., available everywhere now, will be a welcome addition to your music library!


Released: March 1, 2024

Label: Dream Label Group

Track Listing:

  1. Intro (1:22)
  2. Life is Hard. God is Good (3:14)
  3. Love Won’t Let Go (3:18)
  4. Look At What Grace Can Do (3:40)
  5. The Prophet (Interlude) (0:58)
  6. Father (3:33)
  7. Close (3:32)
  8. Still (5:26)
  9. God Of My Tomorrow (3:21)
  10. Thankful (2:54)
  11. Love Like That (3:09)
  12. Palaces (4:14)
  13. Kintsugi (4:51)
  14. To The Lamb (5:30)

14 Tracks, 49:00

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