Written by: Catherine Cochran (7/26/2021)

New Christian artist Coby James released Mixtape Side A in April of this year. The young singer and songwriter recently completed the follow-up, Mixtape Side B, which features 4 new songs. If you are unfamiliar with Coby, you may recognize him from his 2021 radio single, “Brand New”.

The first song on the album is titled “In My Love”. I had a hard time feeling this song spiritually when listening to it the first couple of times. After listening to the song multiple times, I heard the message. I am glad that I didn’t give up on this song right away, because it reminded me that we must be strong in our faith and our Lord will provide us rest. This song allowed me to recall scripture from the Book of Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”

The second song in the album is titled “3-Years”. This song was good and really painted a picture of two brothers that are 3-years apart. I can relate to this song, because my own two sons are three years apart and they have a great bond. God gave us all families and this song is more of a family song than a spiritual song. I do like it, for it is a wholesome song and all ages can listen to this upbeat song and get something out of it.

My favorite song of the entire album is “Until I Met You”. It truly spoke to my spiritual side. It helped me recall a scripture from Proverbs 8:17, which says “I love those who love me; And those who diligently seek me will find me.” The song is upbeat, and I really enjoyed listening to it many times over. I can easily see this as a radio hit! It had me dancing in my seat.

The fourth and final song on the album is titled “Try”. Another favorite of mine on this EP. The start of the song is slow and very peaceful, sounding. This sweet duet could be more like a love song rather than a spiritual relationship song. I really enjoyed it and it touched my heart and made me recall the love I have for my late husband. When a relationship is God-centered, this song can be a perfect wedding or dance song.

Coby James has such a huge potential to reach a large age-range of Christians. I am a middle-aged woman and overall, I really enjoyed the music. I cannot wait to hear future music from this talented young artist. I believe as he grows both spiritually and as an artist, I am certain his music will continue to reach a diverse age group. Praise the Lord for all who share their talents to glorify our Lord Jesus!


Released: July 30, 2021

Label: Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. In My Love (3:58)
  2. 3 Years (4:13)
  3. Until I Met You (2:57)
  4. Try (2:48)

4 Tracks, 23:00

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