Written by: Kelly Meade (9/19/2016)

To call Crowder’s music eclectic would be an understatement. Throughout his career, the Texarkana, Texas native has managed to combine elements from all genres to form his unique sound. The release of American Prodigal showcases the musical trademarks as well as story-telling lyrics that are unmistakably Crowder.

American Prodigal is reminiscent of a cinematic soundtrack with the reflective chorus “American Intro” opening into the more hard hitting “Keep Me” which is a prayer that the Lord will help us turn from the temptations of the devil & sinful desires of the world. It reminds us that no matter how far away we go, God is always there to call us back to Him.

The album’s bluesy lead single, “Run Devil Run”, declares the power of God living in us that makes the devil turn and run at just the mention of Jesus’ Name.

Switching to a softer tone, “My Victory” recognizes the life-giving sacrifice of Jesus showing reverent praise and gratitude for the gift He has given us.

“Prove It (feat. KB)” immediately followed by “All You Burdens” are both faith-empowering anthems celebrating the freedom found in Christ from sin, shame & oppression.

The album shifts gears again with “Back To The Garden” which depicts someone who has strayed, likening it to the fall of mankind into our sinful nature, and the longing to return to a Garden of Eden relationship with God where we walk side by side in step with His Ways.

“All My Hope” tells the story of someone who is eternally grateful for the change that took place in their life when they made the decision to place their trust in God and accept Jesus as their Savior.

“Shouting Grounds” is a triumphant celebration about overcoming the sins of the past and coming fully alive in Christ to the point that the joy cannot be contained.

The poignant track, “Shepherd” serves as a reminder that no matter what we face, we are never alone as the Good Shepherd promises to never leave our side. Even when we wander from Him, He will still be there.

“American Outro” closes the regular version of the album with a continuation of the opening chorus expanding into a full song of praise & a desire to be drawn nearer to God.

The first of three extra tracks included on the American Prodigal: Deluxe Edition, “Praise The Lord”, is a heartfelt piece that causes listeners to contemplate their approach to God & their faith. So many times we as humans make things much more difficult than need be. This stripped down, spiritually convicting song helps listeners realize that while there will always be things we don’t understand about God, thankfully we don’t have to in order to be on the receiving end of His love & grace.

“Great Rejoicing” tells of a day when all of the pain & suffering will be no more and all of our questions will be answered when we are forever in the presence of our Savior.

The creativity, both musically and lyrically, displayed throughout American Prodigal hold the attention of the listener as you eagerly await what comes next. Crowder’s God-given talents & passion for sharing the message of the Gospel in a way that speaks to audiences of all levels of faith & from all walks of life makes this album not only entertaining, but also a powerful way to witness to others.


Released: September 23, 2016

Label: Sparrow/Sixstep Records

Track Listing:

  1. American Intro (1:34)
  2. Keep Me (4:03)
  3. Run Devil Run (3:26)
  4. My Victory (4:17)
  5. Prove It (feat. KB) (2:37)
  6. All You Burdens (2:26)
  7. Back to the Garden (4:16)
  8. Forgiven (3:57)
  9. Promised Land (Glory Hallelujah) (feat. Tedashii) (4:48)
  10. All My Hope (4:14)
  11. Shouting Grounds (3:41)
  12. Shepherd (4:01)
  13. All We Sinners (4:35)
  14. American Outro (5:12)
  15. *Praise The Lord (4:13)
  16. *Great Rejoicing (3:44)
  17. *American I/O (feat. BT) (5:00)

17 Tracks, 65:53

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