Dave Pittman ‘Different Kind of Love’

///Dave Pittman ‘Different Kind of Love’

Written by: Laura Chambers (January 2, 2019)

One of the least understood and most cheapened of all the words in the English language has to be the word “love”. People use it to describe everything from warm friendship to meaningless one-night flings to favorite ice cream flavors. There is one sort that belongs in a class of its own; the kind that Christ has for us, and that we are encouraged to have for each other in turn. Dave Pittman points us towards the true definition of love in his new album, Different Kind Of Love.

The title track, “Different Kind of Love”, admits to throwing the word around with little care for its true meaning. Pittman describes the power of Jesus’ love and how it affects those who experience it. We can neither earn His affection nor lose it. Pittman’s easygoing vocals make the song seem like an encouraging letter from a friend.

“Fall To Pieces” celebrates the way God destroys the barriers we build around our hearts, even if we try to reassemble them. We cannot construct a wall that can keep Him out; instead, we surrender to Him.

“Worthy” declares Jesus to be deserving of praise in joy or pain, even unto the end of days. Everything we do in this life is meant to proclaim this fact.

In “Fight To Win”, Pittman confesses his part in an argument with his wife and pledges his commitment to their relationship. He recognizes that instead of fighting against each other, they should be battling on the same side, striving for each other. He prays for God to repair the breach in their marriage so that they can share the victory. Humility, gratitude, and forgiveness are some of the key concepts necessary to win the fight.

“Hope’s Song” pictures a moment in time when the only thing left to cling to was a fragile shred of hope. Pittman tenderly prays for Jesus to deliver Him through a difficult trial. He affirms that as small as our hope may seem, it is strong and certain.

“So Much More” suggests that our eyes and hearts would experience far more of God than we already do if our faith was stronger. We have known only a fraction of what He could do through, in, and around us as it is.

The final track, “I’d Rather Have Jesus”, is earnestly sung and sparely accompanied, placing emphasis on the message rather than the sound, appropriately enough given the lyrics.

With sincerity and passion, Dave Pittman encourages listeners to discover a love unlike any other. Different Kind Of Love shows us how Christ’s love ignites a hunger in our souls for Him, and consequently inspires us to extend Christlike love to others.


Released: January 11, 2019

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

    1. Different Kind of Love (feat. Seth and Nirva) (3:38)
    2. Fall to Pieces (2:34)
    3. Worthy (4:15)
    4. Fight to Win (3:15)
    5. Hope’s Song (4:16)
    6. So Much More (3:15)
    7. I’d Rather Have Jesus (2:41)

7 Tracks, 23:00

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