Written by: Justin Morden (9/7/2017)

Derek Minor is about to take Hip Hop fans on an exciting journey of music. Following a partnership between Minor’s label Reflection Music Group and EMPIRE Distribution, the rapper has announced his Up and Away Series. The series has scheduled him to release four EPs in four months, starting from now until early 2018. The first of these records is the seven-track Your Soul Must Fly, and while the duration may be shorter than usual, the substance of the record is as strong as ever. This multiple EP series is a great treat to the fans who have already been given a new album from the rapper each year the past couple years. The EP also gives listeners, who may be new to Derek Minor’s music or even new to Hip Hop in general, a great opportunity for a sample of some of the best CHH has to offer.

On “Launch Pad,” Minor expresses his need to rise above his struggles, while comparing his skills as a rapper to those of an action film favorite. “I’m Keanu Reeves and John Wick with the pen on the pages.” In the first official single from the EP, Minor is joined by KB, Canon, and Ty Brasel. All four rappers deliver on their respective verses, but Minor’s really blows you away with a beat change at the start of his verse. Lyrically, the track revolves around overcoming the devil (referred to as “Lucy” in Ty’s verse) and worldly desires. The first track fans got to hear from the Up and Away Series was “Astronaut.” Minor, along with guest rappers Deraj and Byron Juane, points towards a greater reality beyond what the world can see now.

“Anti-Gravity” has a hook that feels repetitive, but the verses are the highlights. Minor calls out those who try to use him and his influence for their own gain. He reminds everyone that his trust and confidence is always found in God, and that’s where his success comes from. If you needed a history lesson behind Minor’s life and music, listen to the second verse of “Jumpin’.” “In the church they just want me to speak to suburbia. All that ghetto gangsta talk is disturbing us. I’m sorry my past and my present offend you. Ain’t nothing sweet on the menu.” Unfortunately, the hook again feels like he’s repeating the title of the song a lot, but verse 2 is something anyone who questions Minor’s usual themes of discussion needs to hear. In “Level,” Minor directly associates his rap talent and competitiveness to God, while acknowledging that “I don’t really want the fame, I give God all the honor.” Minor wraps up the overarching album theme with the final title track that discusses finding worth in God.

Your Soul Must Fly contains some great party tracks with mostly solid verses. The short release has much to be excited for. It is full of catchy beats and leaves you looking forward to the next upcoming EP in the series. My only disappointment with this record was the unimpressive hooks that seemed to be rather repetitive. Once again, though, this EP is driven by its verses that definitely left this lyric-centric reviewer satisfied.


Released: September 1, 2017

Label: Reflection Music Group / EMPIRE

Track Listing:

  1. Launch Pad (2:16)
  2. Take Off (feat. Ty Brasel, Canon & K.B.) (3:58)
  3. Astronaut (feat. Deraj & Bryon Juane) (3:48)
  4. Anti-Gravity (3:25)
  5. Jumpin’ (3:12)
  6. Level (feat. Lil Bre & Byron Juane) (3:33)
  7. Your Soul Must Fly (3:34)

7 Tracks 23:00

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