Written by: Kelly Meade (10/12/23)

Mistakes of the past can keep us weighed down by guilt and shame. Whether it’s consequences of your own actions or a legacy passed down to you, there is love and forgiveness that can overcome it all and change the course of your life.

Now streaming on Great American Pure Flix, Birthright Outlaw tells the story of Reverend Jeremiah Jacobs, his wife Martha and daughter Hope as they must face the darkness of a long-kept secret.

Jeremiah has plans to start a church in the 1800s western town of Last Chance, Arizona when a gang of criminals ambush Jeremiah’s family and turns their lives upside down. After Hope is kidnapped, Jeremiah & Martha set out to bring her home as Martha’s history resurfaces causing the couple to examine the foundation of their love and the faith it is anchored in.

As events unfold, we see examples of both God-honoring and misguided choices along with their results. Characters experience the inner battles of determining where their worth and true loyalty is placed which is reflected in their actions.

Ultimately, truth & justice prevail as the film reaches its conclusion. As a whole, Birthright Outlaw brings together aspects of classic westerns and a message of faith that many will appreciate.

Cast includes:
Lucas Black as Reverend Jeremiah Jacobs
Sarah Drew as Martha Rose Jacobs
Olivia Sanabia as Hope Jacobs
Jeff Fahey as William Bridges
Tom Proctor as Sheriff Beauchamp

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Released: 10/13/23 (Streaming)

Running Time: 101 Minutes (Burns & Co./Affirm Originals)

Rated PG-13 (Violence)

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