Written by: Kelly Meade (10/13/2023)

New Jersey based AOH Music has released their second EP of 2023 titled Relentless. With it, band members Brianne Nealon, Jack Garno & Jimmy Meier bring 5 tracks that are sure to speak into the hearts of listeners and draw them into a deeper relationship with God.

“Restless” is a song that I feel like we all can relate to in some way. Whether you struggle with anxiety, worry or a general uneasiness, we can find peace & rest when we bring all of our concerns, doubts and fears to our Heavenly Father who will embrace us with His love and grace that never ceases to pursue our hearts.

I love the lyrics to “Fall on Me” as they convey a prayer for Jesus to meet us where we are knowing He is able to restore & renew our soul and mind when we wholly come to Him in full surrender.

“One Life” is definitely a personal favorite as it celebrates the beauty found in every aspect of the life God has given us. Through all of highs and lows we face, we can see the evidence of God’s presence as He blesses us in ways that He knows will speak specifically to our hearts. With a Creator that knows and loves us so well, how can we not choose to live for Him?

“Homeland” is an anthem that reminds us of the true home we have in a relationship with Jesus. Not only an eternal home in Heaven one day, but also a safe haven & refuge to find shelter in the love of our Savior when we give our hearts to Him as we live out our faith every day here on earth.

“Always” is the perfect closing track as it brings together the overall themes flowing throughout the EP. God’s love is always there for us and we can always come to Him about anything and everything; He is worthy of our trust and is faithful to answer when we call on Him.

From start to finish, Relentless features a unique blend of melodies & musical genres with lyrics that will encourage & ultimately strengthen your faith. Additionally, solid production and powerhouse vocal performances make this EP a must listen and one that falls into my “no skip” category as each track packs a message I needed to hear while also genuinely enjoying the experience! Highly encourage you to check out this new collection and all that AOH has to offer everywhere you listen to music.


Released: October 13, 2023

Label: Array Of Hope Inc.

Track Listing:

  1. Restless (3:09)
  2. Fall on Me (3:34)
  3. One Life (3:20)
  4. Homeland (3:42)
  5. Always (3:58)

5 Tracks, 17:00

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