Written by: Kelly Meade (09/13/23)

The consequences of our choices in life are something we all have to live with. Our actions or words chosen may seem harmless at the time, but can lead to deeper, more complicated problems. Camp Hideout tells a story of working through a challenging situation and towards discovering who God created you to be with a fun, heartwarming adventure set at a summer camp.

For young Noah, poor decisions and getting involved with the wrong people has him heading in a dangerous direction. As a last chance to start changing his behavior before being sent to a juvenile detention center, Noah is given the opportunity to attend camp where he must participate with his fellow campers and learn lessons about life, friendship and faith along the way.

Social worker Selena & camp counselor Jake do their best to gently guide Noah towards a better path as they start conversations that are edifying and encouraging – even if Noah doesn’t see it that way at first. With time, Noah’s attitude begins to shift and he starts forming friendships.

When trouble comes to camp in the form of two bumbling criminals in search of something in Noah’s possession, Noah & his newfound friends take matters into their own hands to give the bad guys a camp experience they’ll never forget. In the end, there is a noticeable in Noah as he sets out on a new path with positive mentors to help direct him towards a new life with faith as a foundation to build on.

At first glance, Camp Hideout seems like a typical pre-teen/teen comedy reminiscent of other films or TV shows you may have seen – Home Alone and Disney channel’s Bunk’d came to mind for me. But, there are also some very beautiful moments where characters are presented with a welcoming invitation to start a relationship with God as well as messages of friendship, kindness and the importance of making wise choices. In a time when it feels increasingly difficult to find films the whole family can watch together, Camp Hideout hits the mark in many ways.

Cast includes:
Ethan Drew as Noah
Corbin Bleu as Jake
Christopher Lloyd as Falco
Amanda Leighton as Selena


Released: 09/15/23 (Theatrically)

Running Time: 99 Minutes (Called Higher Studios)

Rated PG for slapstick violence and thematic elements

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