Written by: Jay Heilman (3/14/2024)

For many of us living in today’s society, World War II is but a distant memory outlined in our history books.  Yet for some, the grim reality of life during that time, especially those who lived in mainland Europe, still remain in mind as some of the most difficult times in modern history.  The new film, One Life, brings one of those stories to light, as an everlasting reminder of what some of our fellow human beings experiences during the tyrannical rule of one of history’s most monstrous dictators in German leader, Adolph Hitler.

One Life is a remarkable new film, stars Academy Award-winning actor, Anthony Hopkins and Academy Award-nominated actress, Helena Bonham Carter, and tells the true story of London banker, Nicholas “Nicky” Winton and his heroic efforts during the early days of World War II. The film, based on the book written by Winton’s daughter, Barbara, ‘If It’s Not Impossible: The Life of Sir Nicholas Winton’, beautifully illustrates the desire of one man and a group of friends and colleagues, to bring the refugee Jewish children of Prague, Czechoslovakia, to safety in Britain just before Hitler’s Nazi forces invade the country.  In a race against time, Winton and his faithful, manage to save and bring over 660 children to safety before all-out war breaks out.

The film portrays Winton later in life nearly 50 years later, acted out magnificently by the legendary Sir Anthony Hopkins, as a man who is still haunted by the past, thinking he could have saved more children.  Through the highlighting of his heroic actions by a local BBC TV show, Winton is surprised in the most extraordinary way, coming face to face with the now grown children in which his selfless actions saved.  Dubbed the “British Schindler”, Winton’s actions were again honored, when Queen Elizabeth II knighted him in 2003 for his heroic efforts during World War II and was also awarded Czech Republic’s highest honor in 2014, the Order of the White Lion (1st Class), by Czech Republic President, Milos Zeman.  Sir Winton passed away in 2015, at age 106.

Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins who portrays Sir Nicholas Winton in the film, One Life

One Life presents its story in a similar manner to Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award-winning 1992 film, Schindler’s List, but manages to do so without the graphicness of its heart-wrenching, real-life story, making it a film that a younger audience can enjoy and appreciate.  In closing, One Life is a must-see film full of valuable history, heroic actions in the face of the utmost danger, and teaches us that no matter who or how insignificant you think are – you too can make a difference to those in need.


ANTHONY HOPKINS as Nicholas “Nicky” Winton

JOHNNY FLYNN as Young Nicholas “Nicky” Winton

HELENA BONHAM CARTER as ‘Babi’ Babette / Barbara Winton

LENA OLIN as Grete Winton

ROMOLA GARAI as Doreen Warriner

ALEX SHARP as Trevor Chadwick

Directed by JAMES HAWES

Released: 3/15/2024 (Theatrical)

Running Time: 110 Minutes (Bleecker Street)

Rated PG for thematic material, smoking and some language

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