Written by: Kelly Meade (09/27/23)

When it comes to what gives meaning to life, so many of us can get caught up in thinking that we’ll only be appreciated or find our worth in the things we accomplish. Whether it’s work, school, fitness or any other number of things we use to define success, the truth is what matters most are not tangible lists of achievements or accolades but what is unseen – the time we invest into our relationships, faith we can put our hope in and the kindness we show to others. Inspired by actual events, Surprised By Oxford explores all of these aspects through the experiences of author Carolyn Weber.

Growing up, Carolyn – or Caro, as she goes by in the film – was a very gifted child on course to achieve her goals set at a young age to conquer any academic challenge in her way. Life as she knows it is changed forever by secrets her father hid from his family. This drives her deeper into her studies as she becomes even more determined to prove herself.

As a star student throughout her schooling years and into college, Caro is offered a full scholarship to the prestigious Oxford University. While keeping herself busy with classes & studying, Caro meets Kent who challenges her perspective and introduces her to a side of life she never allowed herself to experience before.

We see Caro navigate her way through balancing school and the newfound emotions that lead to seeking where the foundations of joy & faith truly are. In the process, through conversations with her peers as well as mentors and an eye-opening realization, Caro accepts that there are more meaningful pursuits than striving towards self-set goals and being the best in your chosen field such as nurturing relationships & finding true peace.

Overall, Surprised By Oxford is a well-made film that tells a story many will be able to relate to. As it is an unrated movie, I will advise potential viewers to treat it as PG-13 content-wise as it features some unnecessary language and a few uncomfortable comments made between characters.

Visit https://www.surprisedbyoxford.movie/home/ to see where Surprised By Oxford is playing in your area through October 1, 2023.

Cast includes:
Rose Reid as Caro
Ruairi O’Connor as Kent
Emma Naomi as Hannah
Jordan Alexander as Linnea


Released: 09/27/23 (Theatrically)

Running Time: 107 Minutes (Evolve Studios, Nook Lane Entertainment, Ascendant Fox)

Rated NR

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