Written by: Kelly Meade (2/5/18)

Three of the most iconic bands in gospel & country music history, the Gaither Vocal Band, The Gatlin Brothers & The Oak Ridge Boys, came together to record two special projects for the Gaither Gospel Series. The first titled Country Roots and Gospel Favorites and the second, A Few Good Men, both recorded live and contain a blend of greatest hits and classic hymns. Each are also available on DVD with those featuring not only the music from the albums, but also conversations & stories shared between the bands. Each album and DVD are sold separately.

Country Roots and Gospel Favorites opens with a collaboration between all three bands on the classic hymn “I’ll Fly Away”.

“Prodigal Son”, performed by The Gatlin Brothers, retells the well-known parable about a son who leaves his home to try to make his way in the world on his own only to squander his money & make poor decisions before realizing he needs to return to his family where he is welcomed with a forgiving love.

Originally found on their Christmas album, The Oak Ridge Boys’ “Rest In You Tonight” details the individual stories of people struggling to find peace as they cry out to Jesus, believing that He will carry them through.

The hits “Houston” by the Gatlin Brothers, “Thank God For Kids” by the Oak Ridge Boys and the Gaither Vocal Bands version of “Chain Breaker” follow as well as another collaboration with everyone singing a heartfelt rendition of “Jesus Loves Me”.

“Sheltered In The Arms Of God” closes this album focusing on the safe harbor found when we place our trust & faith in God through the storms of life.

The second project, A Few Good Men, contains even more familiar favorites from each band.

“Life’s Railway To Heaven”, featuring the lead vocals of Larry Gatlin joined by Kim Hopper, is a classic Southern hymn that warns of the temptations that threaten to derail us as we strive to live a godly life until we reach our heavenly home.

The Gatlin Brothers “Heartbreak Ridge And New Hope Road” shares of a wayward life changed by the Gospel being preached by a traveling pastor.

The Gaither Vocal Band’s “Heart O’ Mine” plays next followed by one of the Oak Ridge Boys biggest hits, “Elvira”.

Title track, “A Few Good Men”, featuring all three bands, is a call to action for men of God to stand up and take their place in the world as examples of not only a bold faith, but also compassion and honor.

The Gaither Vocal Band’s timeless “He Touched Me” is included as well as the Gatlin Brothers’ hit, “All The Gold In California”.

Gospel music’s The Hoppers perform “Be An Overcomer” which serves to inspire believers to march onward in faith through the darkness and temptations trying to hold you back.

The Oak Ridge Boys offer a tender, reflective version of “I’d Rather Have Jesus” recognizing the value of a relationship with Christ over the shiny material things of the world.

The Gatlin Brothers’ “I Can Build Another House” tells of cherishing what really matters in life, family & the people you love; more than a house, car or other possession that can be replaced.

“We Have This Moment, Today” by the Gaither Vocal Band recognizes the importance of living in the present and letting those in your life know how much they mean to you.

All in all, both Country Roots and Gospel Favorites as well as A Few Good Men are a treat for fans of Gospel and country music alike with these legendary bands joining in harmony as they share their faith and music that has entertained & inspired listeners for decades. With the message of God’s love at the forefront intertwined with morals of love & friendship throughout, these songs shine with the light of hope.

Country Roots & Gospel Favorites  3.5/5

A Few Good Men 3.5/5

Released: January 26, 2018

Label: Gaither Music Group

Track Listing:

Country Roots & Gospel Favorites –

  1. I’ll Fly Away (Live) (Gaither Vocal Band, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Gatlin Brothers) (4:18)
  2. Prodigal Son (Live) (The Gatlin Brothers) (4:07)
  3. A Brand New Star (Live) (The Oak Ridge Boys) (2:54)
  4. Hallelujah Band (Live) (Gaither Vocal Band) (4:01)
  5. Rest In You Tonight (Live) (The Oak Ridge Boys) (4:34)
  6. Houston (Means I’m One Day Closer To You) (Live) (The Gatlin Brothers) (3:17)
  7. Jesus Loves Me (Live) (Gaither Vocal Band, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Gatlin Brothers) (5:08)
  8. Thank God For Kids (Live) (The Oak Ridge Boys) (3:11)
  9. Chain Breaker (Live) (Gaither Vocal Band) (5:20)
  10. Loving God, Loving Each Other (Live) (Gaither Vocal Band, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Gatlin Brothers) (4:26)
  11. Sheltered In The Arms Of God (Live) (The Gatlin Brothers, Duane Allen, Ben Speer) (3:50)

11 Tracks, 46:00

A Few Good Men –

  1. Life’s Railway To Heaven (Larry Gatlin & Kim Hopper) (3:35)
  2. Heartbreak Ridge And New Hope Road (The Gatlin Brothers) (4:11)
  3. Heart O’ Mine (Gaither Vocal Band) (3:53)
  4. Elvira (Gaither Vocal Band) (3:38)
  5. A Few Good Men (Gaither Vocal Band, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Gatlin Brothers) (4:23)
  6. You Happened To Me (The Gatlin Brothers & The Oak Ridge Boys) (3:12)
  7. He Touched Me (Gaither Vocal Band, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Gatlin Brothers) (2:24)
  8. All The Gold In California (The Gatlin Brothers) (2:44)
  9. Dig A Little Deeper In God’s Love (Gaither Vocal Band) (3:52)
  10. Be An Overcomer (The Hoppers) (4:17)
  11. I’d Rather Have Jesus (Gaither Vocal Band) (3:56)
  12. I Can Build Another House (The Gatlin Brothers) (3:59)
  13. There’s Always A Place At The Table (Gaither Vocal Band) (6:19)
  14. We Have This Moment, Today (Gaither Vocal Band) (3:30)

14 Tracks 54:00

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