Written by: Laura Chambers (4/11/2017)

There’s a verse in the Bible that says “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”. In simple terms, whatever you put in is what comes out. But for the input to be pure, the source must be pure. And that’s where God comes in. He is the only unadulterated source of strength and goodness we could ever find. If we allow Him to fill our hearts, we’ll have more than enough to pour into the lives of others.

For Hannah Kerr, life didn’t turn out the way she imagined. Uprooted from her childhood home at the beginning of high school, she struggled with trying to find her purpose in life. She’d never pictured herself as a performer, yet God called her to lead worship anyway. By drawing from Him, she has found more than enough to sustain her. Overflow shares the truths Hannah has come to know for herself and is itself an outpouring that will hopefully fill those who hear it, continuing the cycle of completion and blessing.

“Warrior” plunges us into the heat of the battle against negative thoughts and setbacks, reminding us that our defeats only serve to strengthen us in the long run. Kerr presses on with weapons provided by God at her disposal; faith and His love. “Undivided” is a vow to completely give all we have to God – our focus, our assets, our lives. We cannot merely pledge our devotion in words and song without acting on them. Recognition of who God is and His role in our lives helps to underline why He deserves all of us. “Radiate” explores the transformative power of God to make good things from our trials and change the way we look at everything we see. When we walk in God’s path for us, we’ll reflect His glory. “Never Leave Your Side” prays for small reminders of God’s presence rather than grand displays. God promises He will always be with us and never take us somewhere He hasn’t been. He already has victory over the fight we’re facing today. Surging with the force of a wave crashing against the shore, Kerr’s vocals evoke strength and steadiness.

“Your Love Defends Me” describes God as a constant source of refreshment and a hiding place. God defies loneliness and weakness both with His love. There’s this slightly gritty quality to Kerr’s voice here, providing the song with just the right balance of dependence and toughness. “Overflow” describes a love that cannot be contained in a mere human heart. Instead, it spills out in the form of worship, which, in turn, affects everything we do. “I Stand Here” flees God-ward at the first sign of trouble, claiming His promises of sustenance and victory. Hearing Him speak restores the hope we once had. When we come to the feet of Jesus, we can surrender our fears to Him. “Lifeline” begins with the testimony of a thankful heart, which eventually becomes the chorus. Jesus was willing to come to our rescue despite our rebellion and impurity. Because of Him, we have hope in the middle of disaster. He has forgiven us for all that we have done.

“Love I Leave” looks ahead to the future echoes of our words and actions today. Kerr recognizes how little time we have to live, and instead of wasting time on a string of ultimately meaningless acts, determines to be remembered for a legacy of love. “Mercy Won” longs to have a deeper understanding of Jesus’ nature. When we experience Him for ourselves, we are carried away by the sheer glory of His presence. The cross is where what we deserved gave way to His free gift of grace. Finally, “Be Still And Know” features Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, delivering a comforting reminder for our stormy seasons; God will meet us when we seek Him in prayer, no matter what we’re facing. Instead of thrashing around in panic, we can rest, assured of who He is and that He is with us. To be honest, if Hall hadn’t been credited, I don’t think I would have realized that it was him. I had to listen to the song a second time before I was able to hear his usually recognizable voice.

Every encounter with the Lord is a new opportunity to receive what we need for each day. Every encounter with another person can be a chance to bless them out of the abundance we have received. Despite this album releasing in April, like March, Overflow comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Hannah Kerr wisely guides us through the storms and calm waters, inspiring us from ebb to flow and back again.


Released: April 14, 2017

Label: Black River Christian

Track Listing:

  1. Warrior (3:43)
  2. Undivided (3:37)
  3. Radiate (3:40)
  4. Never Leave Your Side (3:57)
  5. Your Love Defends Me (4:28)
  6. Overflow (3:33)
  7. I Stand Here (3:44)
  8. Lifeline (3:59)
  9. Love I Leave (3:33)
  10. Mercy Won (3:50)
  11. Be Still And Know (feat. Mark Hall) (4:29)

11 tracks, 42:00

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