Written by: Kelly Meade (4/19/18)

Jason Crabb has been a part of the Christian music scene for several years, first as a member of The Crabb Family and now as a successful solo artist. His latest release, Unexpected, allows Jason’s soulful vocals to shine as he tells stories of the many ways our lives are touched by God’s love, faithfulness & grace.

“Expect The Unexpected” kicks off the album with a rocking song about being prepared for anything in your relationship with God. It reminds us that with a little faith in Him, all things are possible and He is able to do above and beyond anything we can imagine.

“Day One” is a prayer for spiritual renewal taking you back to the way it felt when you were first saved and experienced God’s love with fresh eyes before the trials and struggles of living life in this world clouded your mind, pulling you away from Him.

“Mercy We Can’t Go Beyond” reassures that no matter how far we run from God or feel like we have messed up His plan for our lives, He will always call us back to Him. We can’t escape His love, mercy or grace.

“Short Are The Years” reflects on the ups and downs of parenthood recognizing that though the struggles bring days that seem to never end, the joys are also present and before you know it, those days turn into years and children grow. It encourages weary parents to embrace the time they have with their kids.

“Love Will Have The Final Word” is an anthem of hope in a darkened world that tries tirelessly to build walls and separate us as human beings as it declares that love is the only answer and it will win in the end. As Christians we have the knowledge that Christ has already overcome the hate & holds the ultimate victory.

Fittingly, the closing track echoes the same sentiment. “The Love In Your Heart Knows The Way” details the fact that God’s love inside us will be our guide when we’re given the opportunity to reach out and show that love to our fellow man.

Combining elements of gospel, country and blues, Unexpected gives listeners a collection of uplifting and inspiring songs. Throughout the album, Jason notes the importance of keeping your faith and trusting in God in everything we face as well as living out that faith with our actions & interactions with those around us.


Released: April 20, 2018

Label: Daywind Records

Track Listing:

  1. Expect The Unexpected (3:44)
  2. Day One (3:51)
  3. Chose To Be My Friend (feat Gary LeVox) (5:27)
  4. Mercy We Can’t Go Beyond (4:35)
  5. Let It Be Love (with Kaya Jones) (4:03)
  6. Short Are The Years (3:40)
  7. Washed By The Water (3:40)
  8. He Made You (3:44)
  9. Love Will Have The Final Word (4:17)
  10. The Love In Your Heart Knows The Way (4:07)

10 Tracks, 42:00

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