Jody McBrayer ‘Keep Breathing’

///Jody McBrayer ‘Keep Breathing’

Jody McBrayer ‘Keep Breathing’

Written by: Kelly Meade (1/21/2016)

You may recognize Jody McBrayer from his time as a member of the group Avalon. Jody has since experienced many ups & downs both in his personal life as well as his solo musical career. With the release of Keep Breathing, Jody brings a collection of songs that reflect the journey he has been on, coming through the trials with a stronger faith and understanding of God’s love.

The opening track, “Good To Be Home”, plays as a welcoming embrace into the family of God. We hear of someone who has returned to a familiar place of worship to join fellow believers for a time of praise and fellowship. It reminds us of the importance of gathering together with other Christians who share a faith & hope in our Heavenly Father.

“Only You (I Speak You Name)” is a song of prayerful reverence giving praise to God, asking Him to create a heart of joy, peace & worship even in the dark shadows of life.

“What It Takes To Be a Savior” tells the powerful story of Jesus and the pain & sacrifice He took upon Himself to show His love, giving salvation to those who choose to believe and place their trust in Him.

The title track, “Keep Breathing”, encourages us to not give up and keep hope alive in the face of whatever battle is surrounding us. Our strength to go on can be found in the faith we have in God’s grace to carry us through.

With one of the more unique musical arrangements featured on the album, “With Each Borrowed Breath” is a beautiful statement of faith declaring that no matter what the days ahead bring, “in the best and worst of times”, a heart of worship will remain.

“This Is a Son” closes the album with the story of a man who is an outsider, someone others look down upon. The chorus causes you to stop and think that there is more to this man than his appearance and the things he has done, reminding us that everyone deserves to find hope and the chance at redemption. In the last verse we hear of where that redeeming hope can be found.

Throughout Keep Breathing, Jody McBrayer gives a near flawless vocal performance on songs with lyrics that speak to the hearts of listeners capturing your attention from start to finish.

Released: February 12, 2016

Label: StowTown Records

Track Listing:

  1. Good To Be Home (3:35)
  2. Only You (I Speak Your Name) (4:22)
  3. What It Takes To Be a Savior (4:40)
  4. God Is In Control (4:06)
  5. Keep Breathing (3:22)
  6. In the Presence of Jesus (4:02)
  7. Me (4:02)
  8. With Each Borrowed Breath (3:59)
  9. When We Look Back (3:17)
  10. He Gave Me More Love (4:16)
  11. This is a Son (3:55)

11 Tracks, 43:36

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