Various Artists ‘Voice of The Martyrs: i am n’

///Various Artists ‘Voice of The Martyrs: i am n’

Various Artists ‘Voice of The Martyrs: i am n’

Written by: Lauren McLean (1/31/2016)

This i am n project is a powerful one. It’s full of some worship songs we all know and love and some that will easily grow on you. i am n is an origination started by the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) that give practical and spiritual help to persecuted Christians affected by Muslim extremists. They launched the “I Am N” movement and today have raised over $5 million dollars to aid Christians who have been displaced by who we know as ISIS. Now, VOM is parenting with Integrity Music to put together this 12 song album of beautiful and powerful set to encourage us American’s in our faith and remind us how amazing of a God we have.

“We Believe”, originally performed by the Newsboys is the fan favorite off this album. The new live version brings a whole different and new feeling to the song. When Michael Tait, the lead singer, was first writing this song, he asked himself, “if Billy Graham could sing, what would he sing?” He thought he would sing these words, “we believe in God the Father, we believe in Jesus Christ, we believe in the Holy Spirit.” And its also a major song as a whole that the whole band of the Newsboys highly believes in. It shows why they do music- why they do what do for a living.

“There is Power”, performed (and originally performed) by Lincoln Brewster is another fan favorite on this album. Lincoln says as he and Mia Fields wrote that song, they wrote it pretty quickly; in one sitting together. Shortly after his latest album Oxygen came out he didn’t want to automatically start playing it live at shows, he said it wasn’t time, but when he did start playing it live, he says it felt like he had playing it a long time and people at his shows were singing it like they have for a long time, also. Lincoln said there was a weird feeling that he couldn’t explain when he was writing “There is Power” that he couldn’t explain. But we all know that was the sweet feeling of the Holy Spirit.

“Brother” on this i am n album is a simple song with powerful lyrics. “When I look into the face of the enemy, I see my brother.” We may not all realize it, but we all are created by one amazing God, and that makes us all brothers and sisters in Christ. A lot of that saying sounds amazing, and the other part scares us. We can think of a lot of amazing, wonderful people that are brothers and sisters in Christ with, and that’s all who we think of- but there’s a lot of evil doers that we are brothers and sisters in Christ with too. Even though they turned away from good to evil, they are still are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and Christ said to love everyone, that includes the enemy.

If you’re the person who is big into powerful, modern worship music, this is the album for you. This I Am N album has powerful lyrics and amazing surprise vocals. I hope most of you look into this foundation and get to know more about it. They have a great 90 day devotional book, and a David C. Cook book that shares the real-life stories of Christians holding on to their faith in the midst of violence, fear and death. You will be challenged, inspired and encouraged by the book, devotional and the album.

Released: February 12, 2016

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

  1. There is Power (Lincoln Brewster) (3:40)
  2. Jesus at the Center (Studio Version) (Israel & New Breed) (4:17)
  3. Brother (The Brilliance) (3:31)
  4. Strong God (New Life Worship feat. Jon Egan) (6:23)
  5. Boldly I Approach (Rend Collective) (6:01)
  6. The Same Love (Paul Baloche) (4:29)
  7. We Believe (Travis Ryan) (4:55)
  8. Where Would I Be (NCC Worship) (4:07)
  9. Make a Way (Desperation Band feat. Jon Egan) (4:58)
  10. We Stand as One (Greg Sykes) (3:54)
  11. All the Poor and Powerless (All Sons & Daughters) (6:12)
  12. Satisfy (WorshipMob) (9:53)

12 Tracks, 62:20

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