Written by: Kelly Meade (06/24/22)

Breakout Christian music artist Katy Nichole has had an amazing 2022. With the massive success of ‘In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)’ quickly kickstarting her career into high gear, Katy has already toured extensively and won her first award as an artist at the 2022 K-Love Fan Awards. It’s safe to say that her debut EP is one of the highest anticipated releases of the year.

“In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)” serves as the perfect opener for the EP. I can clearly remember one night in January of this year when a dear friend of mine sent me the YouTube video of this song. I had no idea who Katy was and hadn’t heard the song yet. The first time I listened, I thought it would be something that would touch many lives, but I don’t think anyone could have imagined just how much! As the song quickly spread throughout social media outlets, it soon landed on K-Love making history as the first song to be played from an unsigned artist solely because of the amount of people who had such a massive response to it. When you listen to the lyrics, it’s easy to understand why so many connected with it as the world has been reeling from the events of the past few years. The message of hope and bold declaration of the power of the Name of Jesus and our Creator Who is able to do more than we can even imagine speaks volumes into the lives of weary hearts in need of spiritual renewal. It may seem like a tall order to follow up this song, but read on.

“Jesus Changed My Life” tells of the unrivaled ability Jesus has to reach into the life of someone who feels as though they are not worth saving. Through His grace and love we have the assurance that we will never be too far away for our Savior to draw near & call us back to Him.

Katy is joined by Big Daddy Weave for “God Is In This Story”. We all have a story that has shaped who we are. No matter what the memories on our pages look like, God has been there through it all and will continue to be as our chapters unfold. In the heights & depths, joys & sorrows and peace & doubts – He is with us and always listening for us to call on His Name.

“Things I Wish I Would’ve Said” is a well-written story song about how the things we say have the power to bring pain or healing. While the regret of hurtful words said can eat away at us, the sting of knowing when words of forgiveness, kindness and love have been left unsaid can leave a deeper scar.

“Jesus Thank You” offers praise and thanks for Who Jesus is and the blessings that He so graciously gives. This song almost feels like a response to the answered prayers prayed in “In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)” and is a great way to bookend this collection of songs.

The EP closes with a piano version of “In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)” that allows Katy’s strong vocals to shine even more with its more stripped down musical approach.

Without a doubt, Katy Nichole’s EP proves that this talented artist will continue using the gifts God has given her to speak hope into the lives of listeners through songs that remind us of our Heavenly Father’s abundant power, grace and love. From the lyrics to the music to the vocal performances and the production, this EP is a very solid and exciting debut!


Released: June 24, 2022

Label: Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. In Jesus Name (God Of Possible) (3:42)
  2. Jesus Changed My Life (3:42)
  3. God Is In This Story (feat. Big Daddy Weave) (3:27)
  4. Things I Wish I Would’ve Said (3:26)
  5. Jesus, Thank You (3:27)
  6. In Jesus Name (God Of Possible) [Piano Version] (3:40)

6 Tracks, 21:00

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