Written by: Lori Lebel (11/07/2017)

Merging contemporary rock with worship, Portland, Oregon-based band Kutless releases their tenth studio album under BEC Records, using a combination of originals and a few well-done covers.

AlphaOmega kicks off with a rock-influenced cover of Natalie Grant’s “Your Great Name”, one of the stronger songs on the album.

Up next is a remake of their popular song “Strong Tower”, possibly taken up a notch from the original.

Next is the slower “King of My Heart”, a pop-rock worship tune that carries nice harmonies throughout.

“Cornerstone” is a good cover from Hillsong, followed by the track “You Are Love”, which has a sing-along chorus.

“Great Are You Lord” is a cover of All Sons and Daughters with a driving beat and stand-out guitar riffs.

Another upbeat pop-rock tune “Your Love Awakens Me” is the song that will make you turn up the volume while you are driving in your car.

“Shepherd of My Soul”, while slowing down the pace, carries a very strong message and is inspired by Psalm 23.

The final two songs, “Gave It All” and “No Wonder”, end the album on a slower note, and while maybe not the strongest songs musically, have the potential to keep the listener’s interest with the poignant lyrics Sumrall’s on point vocals.

Overall, this album will be enjoyed by Kutless fans and Christian rock fans alike, as they keep with the recent Kutless sound. While it may be nice to hear them go back to the harder rock roots someday, their heartfelt lyrics and musical abilities are very apparent and will no doubt keep their name as one of Christian rock-worship’s better bands.


Released: November 10, 2017

Label: BEC Recordings

Track Listing:

  1. Your Great Name (4:59)
  2. Strong Tower (4:18)
  3. King of My Heart (4:10)
  4. Cornerstone (3:01)
  5. You Are Love (3:24)
  6. Great Are You Lord (3:47)
  7. Your Love Awakens Me (3:57)
  8. Shepherd of My Soul (3:35)
  9. Gave It All (I Surrender All) (3:58)
  10. No Wonder (4:41)

10 Tracks, 40:00

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