Lifepoint Worship ‘Mountain/Valley’

///Lifepoint Worship ‘Mountain/Valley’

Lifepoint Worship ‘Mountain/Valley’

Written by: Laura Chambers (October 30, 2017)

Would you rather be at the top of the mountain, sunshine on your face, raising a banner in triumph, or languishing in the shadows of the valley, wondering if you will ever reach the summit? Dumb question, I know; given a choice, we’d all rather skip the battle and indulge in the victory feast now. But how are we supposed to work up an appetite for it if we don’t fight our way to the banquet table? How will we ever appreciate it if we have no starvation with which to compare the feast? We need to recognize our struggles as times of training and testing that will only increase our trust in God as we move through them. Lifepoint Worship recognizes the value of trials in strengthening our faith in Mountain/Valley, responding to His works with praise and surrender.

“Better Than A Thousand” relates the joys of  being in the presence of God. Spending a single day with God is preferable to spending a thousand in any other location. The possibilities are unlimited. You’ll soar with this song as I did when I first heard it. “Paradise” describes God’s love as the source of everything we long for. He destroys the division between us and gives us a love as beautiful as heaven itself. “Revival” expresses the common desire of believers; to have God’s spirit stir us up into revival. Miracles happen when He moves in our lives. “Mountain/Valley” retains an awareness of God’s presence beckoning us even when the surrounding environment isn’t conducive towards it. In that moment, we are able to look past our troubles to see the situation is in fact in flux, trending toward a positive turnaround.

“Power” declares that we can have power when we call upon the name of God, strength that no other weapon can withstand. He is battling on our behalf so that we can lay down our fear at His feet. Everything is subject to His name-the rocks, the weather, and strongholds. “Jesus” points to the marks of crucifixion as proof of Jesus’ love, which motivates our own affection for Him. We can have confidence in His promises because He has kept every one. “The Fire” uses the stories of the lion’s den and the fiery furnace as examples of the way God can change us for the better through difficulties. He’s faithfully present throughout our times of testing, imparting courage to us. “Have Your Way” invites God to reign over us and perform miracles in His own inimitable fashion. He is calling us to awaken and have faith that He will do great things in our lives.

“Through It All” paints God as the one bright spot in our dark world. We can see evidence of Him remaining close to us throughout our lives, knowing He is our triumph. “Mighty River” portrays the power of Christ surging through our souls like a river. We can no more deny Him all of us than we can stand in front of a tidal wave and not become wet. “Almighty” praises the God who has been, is and will always be. Nothing can separate us now that the rift between us has been mended by the cross. “I Surrender” tenderly devotes our hands, words, and selves completely to God. The first verse contrasts our former condition with our present one, while the second verse compares our present and future to sunrise and adoption, respectively.

Every circumstance God allows in our lives is a valuable opportunity to grow in our faith, choosing trust over doubt, love over hate, and peace over turmoil. Lifepoint Worship demonstrates how we can place our confidence in Him whatever our lot in life.


Released: November 10, 2017

Label: Dream Worship

Track Listing:

  1. Better Than A Thousand (5:56)
  2. Paradise (4:04)
  3. Revival (4:06)
  4. Mountain / Valley (4:40)
  5. Power (6:07)
  6. Jesus (6:27)
  7. The Fire (5:34)
  8. Have Your Way (5:22)
  9. Through It All (4:35)
  10. Mighty River (4:19)
  11. Almighty (5:03)

11 Tracks, 57:00

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