Written by: Kelly Meade (02/26/22)

Songstress Lynda Randle’s latest album, Pilgrim Journey, is a special project as it brings together spiritual songs and hymns from the roots of gospel music – complete with soulful vocals, guest artists and emotion-stirring musical arrangements.

“I Want Jesus To Walk With Me”, featuring Tommy Sims, is a prayer for Jesus to remain close as we travel through hardship and trials. It is a great comfort to know our Savior will never leave us to face anything alone.

“My Feet May Be Tired” tells of pressing on through struggles and steeling your resolve to not give up no matter what stands in your way on the journey to freedom, all the while resting in the strength of our Heavenly Father.

A peaceful rendition of “Give Me Jesus” featuring Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman finds a home on this record as it declares that the most important aspect of life is a solid relationship with Jesus and time spent with Him.

“Freedom Medley” combines the words of the spirituals “Nobody Knows”, “Steal Away” and “Oh Freedom!” for a hauntingly beautiful song.

This record feels like listening to the soundtrack of a movie as it weaves the story throughout – including instrumental breaks in between songs that lead up to the album’s closer “Oh Lord”.

As a whole, Pilgrim Journey is a collection of music that digs deep and gives you a unique listening experience. With a firm focus on faith and the nearness of our Lord, these songs draw our attention to Him in the midst of the circumstances surrounding us.


Released: February 11, 2022

Label: Lynda Randle Ministries Inc.

Track Listing:

  1. Oh Lord, Prologue (Pt. 1) (0:53)
  2. I Want Jesus To Walk With Me (featuring Tommy Sims) (4:07)
  3. Can You Hear Me Praying? (Pt. 2) (0:43)
  4. My Feet May Be Tired (3:17)
  5. My Soul Is Troubled (Pt. 3) (0:41)
  6. Plenty Good Room (3:57)
  7. Give Me Jesus (featuring Kimberly Schlapman) (3:17)
  8. Arms Strong And Mighty (Pt. 4) (0:41)
  9. Motherless Child Medley (4:04)
  10. Freedom Medley (5:45)
  11. Oh, Lord (3:19)

11 Tracks, 31:00

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