Written by: Kelly Meade (01/30/2020)

World renowned worship leader Matt Redman returns with the new release, Let There Be Wonder. This album features tracks recorded at Free Chapel in Orange County, California capturing the live worship experience with more than 1,000 people gathered together.

“The Same Jesus” opens the album with the reminder that Jesus is our faithful Redeemer who will not leave us or fail to keep His promises to us. He will never give up on us no matter what.

“Upon Him” tells of how Jesus took on the weight of the sin of all mankind through His death and redeemed us all, giving us freedom and forgiveness, in His resurrection so that we may have life everlasting.

Title track, “Let There Be Wonder”, is a prayer that we would be filled with the glorious awe and wonder of the Holy Spirit as we worship and reflect on the power, mercy and majesty of our Heavenly Father.

“Merciful Father” brings reverent praise for the goodness & love God gives us in full kindness as we vow to live a life that is an extension of these gifts; showing and sharing the Gospel through our words and actions.

“In The Name” boldly declares the truth and power in the Name of Jesus that can heal, restore joy and bring the only source of true peace.

“Hymn of Surrender” & “Send Me Lord” each state a complete surrender and willingness to go wherever God leads and live a life that fulfills the purpose He has for you.

With lyrics firmly directed towards giving praise and glory to Jesus, Matt Redman’s Let There Be Wonder draws listeners into a time of worship that is heart stirring as you meditate on the faithfulness and promises of our Savior making the album a wonderful addition to your playlists.


Released: January 31, 2020

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

1. The Same Jesus (Live) (4:17)

2. We Praise You (feat. Brandon Lake) [Live] (4:46)

3. All Praise (Sing Praise) [Live] (6:20)

4. Upon Him (Live) (4:58)

5. Let There Be Wonder (Live) (5:58)

6. King Jesus (Live) (6:54)

7. Merciful Father (Live) (3:50)

8. Mercies (New Every Morning) [Live] (5:43)

9. Jesus Your Name (Live) (4:15)

10. In the Name (Live) (5:05)

11. Hymn of Surrender (Live) (5:25)

12. Send Me Lord (Live) (4:11)

13. A Ti Adoramos (We Praise You) [feat. Evan Craft] [Live] (7:58)

14. The Same Jesus (Single Version) (3:45)

14 Tracks, 73:00

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