Written by: Kelly Meade (02/01/2020)

We Are Messengers have made their mark on Christian music since their 2016 debut giving listeners honest lyrics that so many can relate to while reminding us that we are never alone and loved deeply by the same God that created the universe. This message continues with the release of their new album, Power.

Title track, “Power”, sets the tone for the album with an anthem to tell us that no matter what we face, God grants us the power to overcome and leave our past behind when we keep our eyes fixed on Him & his promises.

“Never Change Your Mind” gives thanks for the amazing love of our Heavenly Father who has accepted us just as we are and will never change His mind about the way He cares for us.

Since its release last year as part of the Honest EP, “Maybe It’s Ok” has touched countless lives with the encouragement that we don’t have to be perfect and often it’s in our darkest times when we can fully experience the depth of God’s love and His plan for our lives.

“Home” plays as a beautifully penned letter to someone who has been there through every up and down when the singer felt as though they were unlovable & undeserving. While this may be referring to a husband & wife relationship, it also is a reflection of the love God has for us.

Throughout the album, we hear a variety of musical influences as the band fuses different genres together for a unique sound. One track where this is very apparent is “I Need To Feel It”, a song that celebrates God’s all consuming love & the true fulfillment that can be found in Him.

“Knock Me Down” declares with an empowering boldness that our strength is found in Christ and with Him we can be unstoppable.

“Come See (Glory Hallelujah)” invites listeners into a time of worship to Jesus.

An acoustic remix of “Power” follows with a stripped down version that let’s the message in the song come through perhaps even more strongly than the original.

Closing is the Neon Feather remix of “Maybe It’s OK” featuring Steven Malcolm giving a new layer to this fan favorite.

One thing I love about We Are Messengers is how eclectic their musical style can be, yet the songs & sound are still unmistakably them. That is all the more evident on Power. From start to finish, these tracks speak to the hearts of listeners with faith strengthening lyrics that tell of how close our Heavenly Father really is and His desire to have a relationship with us. Definitely a must listen!


Released: January 31, 2020

Label: Curb/Word Entertainment

Track Listing:

1. Power (3:28)

2. Love (2:57)

3. Never Change Your Mind (3:31)

4. Maybe It’s Ok (3:31)

5. Never Stop Singing (3:46)

6. Home (3:45)

7. I Need to Feel It (3:36)

8. Knock Me Down (3:02)

9. Always You (3:47)

10. Come See (Glory Hallelujah) (3:54)

11. Power (Acoustic Mix) (3:46)

12. Maybe It’s Ok (Neon Feather Remix) [feat. Steven Malcolm] (3:50)

12 Tracks, 42:00

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