Moriah - Live From The Quarry

Written by: Celita Diaz-Perillo (Date written: 10/28/2021)

Moriah Smallbone’s 4-song EP, Live From The Quarry, is a collection of little gem-blessings for our ears which will ease their way to the heart and soul.

Expect honesty here. There is pain heard in the lyrics. And desperation. And disappointment, loss, weariness. It is not depressing! No, rather, it is salve to the hurting: to a heart that might be lost in the fog, or in insecurity or pain. For the one searching for where he or she belongs, how they fit in this life or in the light of God’s Presence. For the one burdened by the griefs of this world.

These melodious affirmations and encouragements ease into the soul with gentle caresses, reminders of how He is the God who cares. Each song gently grips the attention with smooth, heartfelt lyrics that come directly from the depths of the writer’s soul, to express all that is found in humbling and surrendering ourselves to Jesus, in having relationship with Him.

While we know that the enemy is prowling around seeking whom he may devour- to steal, kill, and destroy- these songs feel like Abba Father raising His child’s face in love to say, “Chin up, child. You are mine. I have got you and all of this in My hands. I see you. Ask Me, and I will give you what you need. Remember, do not be afraid, for I have overcome the world.”

Each song is self-explanatory, I think. So rather than explain them, I will share my favorite lyrics, the ones that drew my attention and blessed my heart. To get the whole gist of the songs, of course, please listen to them in their entirety.

“Known Seen Loved”: “…what I need most is to be Known, Seen, Loved.”

“Letting go of ego. Putting down my pride. Holding to a new hope.”

“Trust”: “ I will strengthen myself by trusting in You.”

“I let go of my life. Confidence in my God. Hands up to the sky. Freefall before I fly. Trust.”

“Worth”: “Love was always here.”

“You found me just to say I am worth it.”

“I’m embarrassed of my weakness

I feel tarnished and so damaged.

But Your love rescues me from wreckage

And You promised I am precious.”

“Amen”: A conclusion to this album, just to say, in a most harmonious way, “So be it.” Your will be done, Lord Jesus!

I hope each listener will find comfort in this music. May this little album encourage you, refresh you, lift you, and offer you a seed of hope and peace, and the reminder that you are truly Seen, Heard, Wanted, Known, and Loved.


Released: FULL EP with more songs coming December 3, 2021

Label: Cathedral Company

Track Listing:

  1. Known, Seen, Loved (3:07)
  2. Trust (3:27)
  3. Worth (feat. Joel Smallbone) (3:54)
  4. Amen Interlude (1:04)

4 Tracks, 11:32

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