NewSpring ‘Difference Maker EP’

///NewSpring ‘Difference Maker EP’

NewSpring ‘Difference Maker EP’

Written by: Brian Hunter (2/4/2016)

Newspring Church is a Baptist Church in Anderson, SC. The church has over 32,000 people attending weekly and 19 campuses throughout the great state of South Carolina. From this large Baptist mega church comes a calibration of the worship music leaders with the EP Difference Maker.

This 4 track EP shows a fresh new look into the growing movement of large worship bands coming to the forefront of the Christian music industry.

The EP starts off with a modern worship song called “Now and forever” which reaffirms God’s love for everyone with no end. The track itself is very catchy and definitely is the most “radio ready” track on the EP.

“Love Me Like That” features a different male singer who has a similar vocal tone to Calvin Harris. The song is very fun and full of energy. This song could be classified as a worship club song, if there was such a thing.

The next track is one I find well written and tells a wonderful story. “Every Line” basically talks about how God is with us every step of the way writing every line of our existence. “Every Line your story Jesus Author of my faith.” This is the victory cry of this song.

The last song is one of the more popular hymns sung today, “It Is Well.” This rendition is very intimate and acoustic based. The vocals and harmonies are very beautiful and soothing. It Is Well in my soul indeed and the song is truly well done.

I enjoyed listening to this EP and definitely look forward to hearing more from NewSpring in the future. I recommend buying this EP since it can be found at a low price. Newspring’s goal is to be a difference maker in all those who listen and strengthen their relationship in the one true God.

Released: February 5, 2016

Label: Dream Worship

Track Listing:

  1. Now and Forever (4:10)
  2. Love Me Like That (4:13)
  3. Every Line (6:24)
  4. It Is Well (4:47)

4 Tracks, 19:34

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