Written by: Kelly Meade (08/26/21)

Rhett Walker’s soulful sound and down to earth personality has connected with listeners across genres. After several releases under Rhett Walker Band and last year’s solo album Good For Me, Rhett’s latest EP Gospel Song adds a new layer to his artistry with an eclectic blend of musical influences.

“All Joy, No Stress” opens the EP with a carefree anthem celebrating full surrender to Christ knowing that He’s got you in His hands which brings true joy.

Title track and the project’s lead single, “Gospel Song”, tells of tuning out the world and its problems and tuning in to the message of God’s love, provision and peace through the gift of music. When we fix our hearts on our Savior through worship and sing of His grace, it will help ease the struggles we face and remind us we are not alone.

“Revival” closes the collection with a timely song that calls on the Holy Spirit to bring a dramatic renewal to our souls enabling us to share the light of God’s love so He may work through us to spark an even greater revival in the world.

The 5-tracks featured on Gospel Song are enjoyable to listen to with their upbeat & overall joyful tone while the lyrics draw you into a deeper message that reaches through the pop, country and gospel sounds. Rhett’s vocals shine on each song as his heart for sharing the hope and love of God is evident throughout the EP. Gospel Song is definitely one to add to your playlists


Released: August 27, 2021

Label: Provident Label Group

Track Listing:

1. All Joy, No Stress (2:54)
2. Let’s Go Down (3:27)
3. Gospel Song (3:14)
4. Alright (3:08)
5. Revival (3:10)

5 of Tracks, 16:00

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