Written by: Kelly Meade (06/05/2020)

Singer/songwriter Ryan Stevenson has touched many lives the past few years with hits like “Eye of The Storm”, “No Matter What” and “The Gospel”. His latest release, Wildest Dreams, further solidifies Ryan’s place in contemporary Christian music with a collection of songs that inspire and direct listeners back to our Heavenly Father.

The album opens with “Amadeo (Still My God)” which tells of trusting fully that God is present and in control of every situation we face. From the highest mountains to the lowest depths of the sea, God is still with us and the source of hope, joy & peace.

Title track, “Wildest Dreams” acknowledges that God’s purpose and plans for our lives are greater than we can ever imagine. As the years pass and we see prayers answered in ways we don’t expect and things we thought we wanted fade away only to be shown how much better God’s path is, we can be reminded that He knows what He is doing and we can trust Him.

“When We Fall Apart” offers comfort in the midst of a heartbreaking loss. So often we can’t understand why someone is taken from this life and we need to process that loss in a healthy way. While this looks different for every person, it is necessary to help heal and remember our loved one as we let their legacy live on through us.

“Mercy in the Dirt” gives praise for God’s grace, goodness and forgiveness that meets us where we are – even at our worst – offering redemption and the chance to start anew.

“Back To The Altar” finds someone who recognizes that they need to prioritize time with God in their life and return to a place of thankful worship when the busyness of life threatens to steal our focus away from Him.

Throughout Wildest Dreams, Ryan Stevenson tackles everything from trusting God as we journey through life, to dealing with grief & loss, to reminiscing carefree younger days (“My 90’s”), to reconciling with someone after years of carrying the weight between them (“With Your Life”). With solid vocals, sonically pleasing musical arrangements and lyrics that span many topics, this album is a welcome addition to your playlist.


Released: June 5, 2020

Label: Gotee Records

Track Listing:

1. Amadeo (Still My God) (3:38)
2. Wildest Dreams (3:40)
3. Through It All (3:38)
4. When We Fall Apart (4:27)
5. All I Need (feat. Paul Wright & GabeReal) (3:32)
6. My 90’s (3:36)
7. Best Is yet to Come (3:38)
8. Mercy in the Dirt (2:55)
9. Back To The Altar (3:02)
10. With Your Life (3:55)

10 Tracks, 36:00

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