Sean Feucht ‘Wild’

///Sean Feucht ‘Wild’

Sean Feucht ‘Wild’

Written by: Kelly Meade (11/1/18)

Sean Feucht’s first album with Bethel Music, Wild, was recorded live at Bethel Church capturing the atmosphere of an audience fully involved in the act of worship with voices raised and hearts open to the presence of God.

“There Is A Name” praises the Name of Jesus that overcomes death, heals, and casts out every fear acknowledging Him as the cornerstone of our faith and hope. During this track, Sean shares a little about his family traveling through war-torn countries in the Middle East spreading the Word of God.

“Till the Whole Earth Looks Like Heaven” is a picture of the mission given to each believer to share the Gospel and what Christ has done in their lives in some way with everyone they meet; vowing not to stop until the whole world has heard about Jesus.

“Singing The Walls Down” encourages believers to join together in song lifting their voices to Jesus ushering in His anointing and healing throughout the world.

“Still Will I Love (Song for Refugees)”, featuring Kim Walker-Smith, is a prayer for hope & strength declaring a bold love for God in the midst of suffering

“All It Takes Is One” tells of the life-changing, soul stirring power that exists in even just one moment spent with God and one touch of His hand that can restore and drive out all darkness.

“Forever We Worship” is a spontaneous worship chorus that basks in the glow of the Holy Spirit as it appropriately carries the theme of the entire album through until the closing notes.

Sean Feucht’s passion for telling others about Jesus & sharing his faith is evident throughout the album as each track comes from the heart. While in the same vein as other Bethel Music projects sonically, Sean’s raw, unpolished vocals lend an honest tone to the tracks on Wild as he leads a time of worship celebrating the awe-inspiring grace, hope and love found in God.


Released: November 2, 2018

Label: Bethel Music

Track Listing:

  1. There Is a Name (Live) (9:11)
  2. Praise Is the Highway (Live) (5:45)
  3. Till the Whole Earth Looks Like Heaven (Live) (6:46)
  4. Heart and Hands (Live) (Sean Feucht & Amanda Lindsey Cook) (4:59)
  5. Wild One (Live) (7:42)
  6. Singing the Walls Down (Live) (Sean Feucht & Bethany Wohrle) (7:17)
  7. Still Will I Love (Song for Refugees) [feat. Kim Walker-Smith] [Live] (4:15)
  8. Spirit and Truth (Live) (8:28)
  9. All It Takes Is One (Live) (8:47)
  10. The Power of the Blood (Live) (4:29)
  11. Forever We Worship (Live) (5:56)

11 Tracks, 73:00

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