Written by: Kelly Meade (11/1/18)

Chris Tomlin has become known as one of the most influential artists in Christian music of the past decade. With a book, tour, podcast launch and album release coinciding with each other, Holy Roar is sure to add another faith-filled chapter to the work God is doing through Chris’s music and his heart for worship.

Title track, “Holy Roar”, opens the album with a praise anthem that tells of being fully committed to the act of worshipping God and spending time in His presence as we devote our lives to following Him.

“Nobody Loves Me Like You” celebrates the unending, all-inclusive love of Jesus that knows no boundaries. We see evidence of it in every moment of every day in the world around us as we observe all He created; from the sunrises to sunsets, creative diversity seen in all of nature and in the faces of people we meet.

“Resurrection Power” has achieved massive success at radio and is sung by churches and praise groups around the world as the words lift up the powerful name of Jesus that raised Him from the dead while acknowledging the freedom from sin that can be found when you accept Him as your Savior and live your life for Him.

“Satisfied” recognizes that God is capable of meeting every need and He alone is the source of true satisfaction in life no matter who or what we look to in an attempt to fill the empty spaces within our lives and hearts. We must always keep our eyes open for God to be at work within us and around us so that we may see every blessing He has for us.

“Impact” is a vulnerable, introspective prayer sung with in hopeful worship knowing that we can come to God just as we are and He will embrace us, surrounding us with His grace.

“How Sweet It Is (featuring Pat Barrett)” closes the collection with a peaceful ballad that allows you to soak in the beauty of Jesus’s love.

It’s no wonder that so many find themselves singing along and getting lost in worship as they listen to the songs Chris Tomlin records. With soaring praise choruses, well-written lyrics and smooth vocal performances set to a musical backdrop that keeps you both entertained and inspired, Holy Roar delivers everything you would expect from Chris as an artist and more making this an exceptional album and a welcome addition to your music library.


Released: October 26, 2018

Label: Sparrow Records

Track Listing:

  1. Holy Roar 4:12
  2. Nobody Loves Me Like You 4:26
  3. Resurrection Power 4:11
  4. Goodness, Love and Mercy 4:21
  5. Satisfied 3:33
  6. Impact 4:14
  7. Praise Him Forever 4:54
  8. Is He Worthy? 4:32
  9. Forever Young 4:08
  10. I Stand in Awe (feat. Nicole Serrano) 4:17
  11. Praise Is the Highway 4:56
  12. How Sweet It Is (feat. Pat Barrett) 3:40

12 Tracks, 52:00

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