Written by: Kelly Meade (01/20/2020)

After the highly successful and critically acclaimed debut of Hills and Valleys in 2017, Tauren Wells returns with his anticipated sophomore album, Citizen Of Heaven.

The album’s title track, “Citizen of Heaven”, sets the tone with a rhythmic declaration that our identity is found in Christ and our eternal home is with Him in Heaven. We should strive to live a life that reflects this while we’re here on Earth.

“Like You Love Me” celebrates our Father’s unfathomable love for us. The lyrics draw from the Matthew 6 passage of Scripture where we are reminded of God’s love and told not to worry because He will provide all that we need.

“Perfect Peace” acknowledges that when we get thrown about and tossed on the waves of the storms that this life brings, we can find rest in the peace that passes understanding in Christ. Even if we can’t see an end in sight or way out, when we turn to our Savior, He will give us His peace and solace as we trust in Him.

“Done” offers thanks for the redeeming power and love of Jesus that has given us freedom from sin and the past mistakes when we choose to believe, repent as we walk in His ways.

“Trenches” tells of the unswerving love and faithfulness of God to meet us where we are, standing alongside when we face battles and carrying us through to victory.

“Carry On” closes the collection by putting trust and faith in action, reiterating the promises of God as we move forward into the unknowns believing that He will not let us go and His strength will never fail us.

Tauren’s signature vocal style shines on this 13 track collection. Influences of R&B, gospel & soul grooves can be heard throughout as the lyrics focus on the love of our Heavenly Father and His unending grace. Featuring appearances by Jenn Johnson, Kirk Franklin and Rascal Flatts, Citizen Of Heaven is a solid follow-up to Tauren’s strong debut giving listeners songs with heart that remind us of the many reasons we have to look up with praise & thankfulness.


Released: January 24, 2020

Label: Provident Label Group

Track Listing:

1. Citizen of Heaven (3:04)
2. Like You Love Me (3:30)
3. Prelude with Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Worship (0:30)
4. Close (feat. Steven Furtick) (2:48)
5. Perfect Peace (2:57)
6. Famous For (I Believe) [feat. Jenn Johnson] (4:02)
7. Millionaire (Good Like That) [Tauren Wells & Kirk Franklin] (2:55)
8. Done (3:45)
9. Miracle (3:42)
10. Until Grace [Tauren Wells & Rascal Flatts] (3:36)
11. Trenches (3:25)
12. Love’s Worth the Fight (3:21)
13. Carry On (3:52)

13 Tracks, 41:00

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