The Church Vessel ‘The Outcome (Live)’

///The Church Vessel ‘The Outcome (Live)’

The Church Vessel ‘The Outcome (Live)’

Written by: Laura Chambers (September 17, 2018)

On this side of our prayers, our problems appear unsolvable. Pain seems to imprison us with unbreakable bonds. As we struggle against them, we only become more worn-out from trying. It seems inconceivable that something so small as a whispered word of prayer could make a difference. Yet by calling on God, we unleash a power that makes our tormentors tremble. The Church Vessel assures us that The Outcome of our prayers can result in an explosive outpouring of deliverance.

“You Are” declares the trustworthiness of God; all the claims He makes about Himself are true. He has not and will not fail us. Whether we’re suffering or rejoicing, He will be with us always.

“It Is Finished” celebrates the completion of our redemption through the cross. It is available to everyone, imperfections aside. The fight belongs to Him, not us; whatever heartache comes along the way will not last forever. Knowing this brings peace and comfort.

“The Outcome” assures us that God hears our cries of desperation and battles on our behalf. Coming closer to Him allows us to experience triumph and restoration. As we worship Him, otherwise impossible obstacles are destroyed. A reprise of the song’s bridge follows.

“Home” expresses a desire for belonging and significance in God’s eyes. Living in His presence allows us to put down roots in solid, secure ground.

“Highest Praise” lifts loud praises to Jesus, who is the only one deserving of them. We unlatch the doors holding us captive with our worship.

“Not Leaving” recounts the story of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, yet the same could apply to anyone in need of a miracle only Jesus can deliver. All it requires is a single touch of His hand to make the impossible happen. By faith, we declare His power and refuse to move until we receive what we came for.

“My Yes” earnestly depicts the moment that we tear down every obstacle we place in between God’s will and our own, surrendering and saying yes to God’s leading. Whether He asks to lift Him up or lay something down, our response will never change.

“Traded” wonders at the exchange of His life for ours even as we remained defiant, giving us something we were unable to do for ourselves. The punishment should have been ours, because the sin was ours. Yet in spite of that, we received His life.

“Desperate” expresses an otherwise unquenchable longing to feel Jesus’s presence. He is the only one capable of satisfying our desire for Him.

Waiting for an answer to our prayers can be a frustrating experience. When we finally receive His response, it more than makes up for our suffering. The Church Vessel offers prayers and praise in faith that God will carry us to victory. The Outcome will always be worth the wait.


Released: September 21, 2018

Label: Dream Worship

Track Listing:

  1. You Are (feat. Levi Stermer) [Live] (3:35)
  2. It Is Finished (feat. Michael Boggs) [Live] (4:04)
  3. The Outcome (feat. Sarah Brock) [Live] (6:07)
  4. The Outcome (Reprise) [feat. Sarah Brock] [Live] (2:48)
  5. Home (feat. Levi Stermer) [Live] (5:37)
  6. Highest Praise (feat. Tashanti Pitts) [Live] (4:04)
  7. Not Leaving (feat. Sarah Brock) [Live] (5:18)
  8. My Yes (feat. Kara Behrnes) [Live] (4:24)
  9. Traded (feat. Jeanne Williams) [Live] (5:31)
  10. Desperate (feat. Cindy Stermer) [Live] (4:23)

10 Tracks, 45:00

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