Written by: Celita Diaz-Perillo (Date written: 03/13/2024)

Hello, all. I just had to take some time to rave a bit about The Erwins’ newest album- Life Story. If you haven’t heard it yet, and you are going through a difficult life circumstance, I would highly recommend that you blast this album on your stereo and soak it up!

Each song is a testament to who we are in Christ and all He has done for us! Every one prods us on, reminding us to proclaim scripture, to live in triumphant victory, to keep on going, hoping, seeking and growing. It’s Southern Gospel praise and worship music to help fill your cup to overflowing. Even more, it is all about Jesus being enough and sufficient for us, and how He is always faithful, good, and present.

Here are some of the songs that really blessed my heart! I can’t wait to hear them again!

TASTE AND SEE uses the different names and characteristics of the Lord to express how our satisfaction is only found in Jesus.

STILL TELLING MY STORY encourages us to really examine all God has done in our lives. “How He saved me/ Changed me/ Called me out that grave/How He healed me/ Sealed me/ With amazing grace”

NONE BUT JESUS is great for those tricky life moments, when burdens cling harder than hope. It’s not too upbeat or too slow, but it’s the perfect pace for the hard days when you feel overstimulated, discouraged, or kind of down. It is gently and firmly affirming and uplifting.

WALKING FREE is like a declaration of deliverance. “I’m gonna shake off the desert, leaving Egypt behind… I’m no longer a prisoner. That Promised Land is mine.”

I don’t know if The Erwins know that they have created an album that is a salve to my soul, but I hope word will get to them. This is the only way I know how to say “Thank you.” I needed these lyrics, reminders, and tunes very much, and didn’t know it until I listened to the album in preparation for writing this review.

I sincerely hope that you get a chance to listen to Life Story soon, and I truly hope it blesses you even more than it has blessed me. Be encouraged, edified, and blessed, In Jesus’ name, dear reader!


Released: March 8, 2024

Label: StowTown Records

Track Listing:

  1. Taste And See (3:57)
  2. Still Telling My Story (3:09)
  3. None But Jesus (3:24)
  4. Back To The Garden (4:52)
  5. Red Words (4:03)
  6. Walking Free (3:54)
  7. Joy Is Gonna Come (3:53)
  8. I Only Have The Cross To Blame (4:15)
  9. Fighting For You (4:57)

9 Tracks, 38:00

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