Written by: Kelly Meade (8/25/2016)

Many of you will recognize Todd Smith as a member of the talented trio, Selah. The release of his sophomore solo project, There’s A Light showcases songs of inspiration that shine with the truth of God’s faithfulness.

The album opens with the title track, “There’s A Light” which speaks of hope & freedom found in the redeeming power of the love of Jesus. The evidence of that love can be seen in everything around us if we open our eyes and look.

“Jesus Is” celebrates everything that Jesus is to us. He is our healer, strength, eternal King, constant companion and the Savior of our souls.

“Be Still” is a meditative prayer to shut off the noise of the world and soak in the calming presence of God when we take time to pause for a few moments and talk with Him.

Todd is joined by fellow artist Ellie Holcomb on “Right Where I Belong”. The song is one of praise realizing our call to live a worship filled life giving thanks to God for all He has done and trusting in His guidance as we travel through life.

“Dmitri’s Song (Jesus Is Alive)” is based on the true story of a Russian pastor who was imprisoned for 17 years because of his faith. The song is reminiscent of the story of Paul & Silas who sang praise to God even when they were locked in a prison for sharing the Gospel.

“What Are We Living For” causes listeners to examine their lives and ask themselves what they could be doing differently to point others to Christ through showing His love in our actions and deeds.

“Revive Us” calls on God to shake our faith alive so that we may live a life overflowing with passion for Him and a drive to tell everyone about His saving grace.

Closing the album is “Calling All Fathers” that encourages men to take a stand and be emboldened by their faith so that they may be the care givers, providers & protectors of their families they were meant to be.

With powerful vocals & lyrics, the collection of songs featured on There’s A Light reflect the hope that can only come into our lives when we invite the Lord in. Todd Smith shares his deep love for God with each note he sings connecting to the hearts of listeners directing them into the arms of their Savior.


Released: August 26, 2016

Label: Curb Records

Track Listing:

  1. There’s A Light (2:58)
  2. Jesus Is (3:28)
  3. I Sing The Mighty Power of Jesus (3:28)
  4. Song of Solomon (4:19)
  5. Be Still (4:09)
  6. Right Where I Belong (featuring Ellie Holcomb) (3:37)
  7. Dmitri’s Song (Jesus Is Alive) (4:55)
  8. What Are We Living For (3:41)
  9. Revive Us (3:26)
  10. We Will Rise (4:44)
  11. Calling All Fathers (4:26)

11 Tracks, 44:00

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